fausa Eleja part 2

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What i did was so hilarious. I drew her back, I told her that I want to carry her on my arms, she laughed. As she was laughing, I lifted and stretched my right hand to her back region and, my left hand to her kneels, shifted it and before she could say any word, she was already on my arms with her hands circled around my neck. She was screaming in joy and laughing as we entered through the gate. My fellow funaab housemates were outside;
they were all looking at me in surprise. Some began hailing me “bado, badoo of life”. I laughed as one of them shouted, “Romance in action”. She thought I would drop her at the steps to my flat but, mba! I carried her straight into my room with all joy and happiness. We didn’t have sex. We just talked, made merriment. I cooked a nice Egusi soup for her, with chicken laps; we ate. Months later, in 200level, the relationship between i and seyi was going stronger and better. We were so fond of each other. I ordered her to moved from Camp where she was
staying to my own flat which she did without questioning.; she took one of the rooms a friend who graduated stayed. When she moved in, it made us closer. We stayed in the same house. Everything was so sweet until Fausa, “Fausa Eleja” just like we call her in my compound came into the picture. The sweetness between i and seyi turned sour when Fausa came in.. This is how it goes:……
This faithful Thursday, the rain just finished falling, i and two of my housemates were outside with our gate wide open. We were just looking at people
passing by across the gate. We were looking when 2 young girls, one carrying pepper and the other fried fish on her head were passing by the gate. One of my house mates, Deji. He said he would love to drink garri with fish. “Garri and fish.Ahhh for this cold weather” I said. We laughed. He went to the gate and called them. They came into the compound. Both the one selling the fish and pepper. Behold, the one selling the fish was so beautiful, fair in completion with hour glass shape; with oval facial shape and cute dimples, average in height. She was wearing a black trouser and white top, the clothes brought out her shape. I barely noticed the second girl with her because she never caught my attention.
Though the second girl was chocolate skin, she was wearing a red skirt and red top. As if she was going to secret cult meeting. I assumed Both girls should be in their late teens. I stepped aside as deji and james my other housemate were pricing the fish. Deji began toasting the fair girl (fausa). He asked her name. I guess she was shy as she sheepishly said, “Fausa”. Most of their conversations were in Yoruba. But I heard Deji telling her to come back the next day, that they would buy more fish from her. The other girl with chocolate skin was even feeling uncomfortable. I guess she felt rejected that all attention was giving to the other Fair girl, Fausa.
When both girls had left, deji said that he would date that fausa girl, but it was just for sex. And he is going to dump her after several satisfaction of her sex, but………

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