Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 15

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….Thank God she met me that mood, she would have stabbed me to death……….she was totally carried away while staring at me but heavily crying…..

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Seyi: you betrayed me with everything i did for you……

Me: please ifemi don’t stab me….please i still… (she cut in)

seyi: i sacrificed myself to make you somebody in life..,….i served u with my whole life…………i keep what i sopposed
to derived enjoyment from likewise my mate do…but i keep
it for you inorder to make you a man in life..,….but you decided to make me regret everything..,…..today na today,you are a deadmeat..,….,.
….chai, immidiately i heard the last statement, the litle energy that kept my D*ck stood erect died voluntarily on its own.,……..seyi moved closer to me aimed to stab..,.i shouted in heavy tone., ‘please ifemi, dont do this to me, have realize my mistakes, this will never repeat itself again…..,.. “its too late dear”…she commented…….when she was almost near the bed..,i continue begging..,
‘please don’t kill me for my mother…she has no one to cater for her need when she got old.,.. please you also remember my dad had been sacked so only my mother caters for the family needs..,..please spare my life for her sake……,.thank God i altered that at the moment..,..she got weak instantly, and doesn’t know what to do..,.she was already bend to stab
while she freeze and was crying…the cutlass was seriously shaking in her hand.,……..remember i said my prick has already got shrunk before…… but immediately i notice her showing mercy through her action.,…my eyes went straight to her bossom., they were also starring and winking back to me..,i regained back my erection in a twinkle of an eye….this also amazed seyi because her eyes were fully on me, she shocked when she saw the size…, i move closer to her, collected the cutlass, I dropped it beside her……i placed my two hand on her shoulder caressly down to her arm…..,.i hugged her and was saying ‘thank you dear’ thank you for spearing my life….
i placed my lips to hers..,she doesn’t resist while we had a French kiss…,.i grabbed and brought her oranges out from their cage and started manipulating on them.,…..she pushed me back to bed…

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