Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 16

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She pushed me back to bed, Starring at my erected D*ck while facing me……i can read from her eyes alot of thought running through her head……i guess she doesn’t know what to do again…..may be to stab me or to play along with me! or to leave the room!!!! She was just concentrating on calculating the number of the veins in my prick……………..i was just on my back on the bed waiting for her next move with my leg spread apart and my joystick stood erected pointing to the roof of the room………immediately i heard the moan of the lady in the tv shouting ‘F*ck me hard’ repeatedly in very fast mode……..i got an extra increament on my pajama which as already reached its exceeding length………….this time the prick was extra large, extra robot with huge inner and outer muscles, the tiny hole that went from the tip of my Pen*s down to the scrotum started open and close like say spermatozoa is about to emerge out………..when she saw the D*ck. .She hurriedly undress herself at my front..,i was like ‘wooow this was what have been keeping all this while’ the most things we have ever had before is to just hug, light kiss, whenever i unclothed her she will stop me.,………we have never seen each of ourselve’s nakedness before…omo her body na lyk heaven, her toto was like a paradise……….she jump on me on the bed and started kissing me. i turned her under me, when she screamed ‘i need you inside me right now’
i quickly plug my prick inside her toto….beleive me there was no road everywhere in her vagina was shot……i entered forcefuly and i broke the gate.,…….omo see blood……chai seyi was really a virgin, I couldn’t beleive my eyes..,..,we F*cked and she showed what i have never got from a lady before even fausa….,you wanna know? Lol……,am about to cum when i heard the door opened by fausa….chei ‘gobe’ please i
can explain was the last thing i altered…………

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