Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 18

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i got a knock from the door………it was fausa…’open the door dear’ she commanded…i moved to the door and opened it for her to enter.,…..she entered and we give ourselves what will love to do….after the S*x we were in bed naked while i revealed to her our plans against gen sec……she wasn’t much happy but she must abide to everything i say….’its good’ she
that day passed and we got to the next day…….on
that particular morning…..i went to studio to burn the S*x escapade to disc…….and i also went to busness center to print the pictures, i made photocopy and i headed back to my lecture room……we finished the day edition in school and i went back home….i added gensec on bbm. I then ‘hi’ him.,…i called him to come online to give full attention because
there is something important i wana discuss with him……..he obliged and he did as i commanded,..we began the chat:

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me: hello mr D*ckson?

Gensec: what do you mean? Who are you?????

me: description about who i am does not matters at this time….but the description about what i am upto. should be your most wondering right now

gensec: what can i do for you??

me: check this…,..i attached to him 2 pictures of
his erected D*ck and how semen was coming out of one of them

gensec: please what should i do with this?

Me: are you still pretending you don’t know the owner of the D*ck?

Gensec: mr man, what is it do you mean,? What is it, you are talking about?????

me: you wanna know? Whatch this…i sent a
video of him and tush pile….. he kept quite and doesn’t talk to me again

me: mr man are you there with me or not? No
respond…..,…ok o,if you are reading my text.,am using this medium to inform you about my move first thing tomorrow morning…..

Firstly: i have many copies of your S*x escapade and the video of your self-services on the discs and i have also made banner and poster of your D*ck designed with your name and photo..,.

Secondly: i am going to paste it to all departmental and faculty board.,…and also to the walls on campus…you know its another implication to you….,

Thirdly: i will start selling your video to all funaab students but will start with sug excos..,..

Forthly: i am going to upload it online and to the portal of the school with the help of the ICT manager for the management to see…..,just to inform you before i carry it out tomorrow…,thank you…………. Bye………
After two minutes, he replied me>>>>

gensec: lol…see you…you can go ahead, i have my
point to defend that.,..

Me: your point must be the enclose of your face right?
I laugh at you in spanish.

Gensec: what do you have to win me on that?

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