Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 22

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….It was a message from 32025…telling me that my caller
tune subscription will expired in 2days time…..i felt so angry that i couldn’t alter a dim…..
…After another 5minutes…i got the alert of 50k and i was so happy….i called my wife to join me in rejoice…..i put a call to
seye and I told him everything..,…he kudoz me for my great
job….and i asked him where we should meet for his own share but to my surprise, seye said I should keep it…and he said i should make sure I transfer the money from that account to another account to prevent trackback……,…i thank him and i picked up my phone…open the bank application and
transfer it to my darling’s account………….. Fausa and i spent the money so prodigally and lavishly…..that we couldnot remain 1naira before the weekend, aiming to get another
one by monday,.,. Unfortunately, Something happened on saturday..,….i received call from gen sec and he asked me to chat with him on bbm that he got something important to
share with me……..what could it be? Is he making attempt to scam or blackmail? What kind of chating was he upto..?………..i opened my data and lunch bbm application…… ….our conversation goes thus:.

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Gensec: hello oko olosho (prostitute’s husband)

me: what do you mean?

Gensec: you lost this time…and i will make sure
you guys suffer for this

me: did you realised who you are chatting with?

Gensec: sure, fausa’s boyfriend….i am gonna deal
with you bigtime for my revenge

me: lol..wetin you get?

Gensec: you wana know? Ok..ready to watch this lovely video

me: ** an attached video was sent to me from him. i opened. i was shocked and swealting like someone under shower., .headache, malaria, caught me immediately and i doesn’t
know what to do again** I saw a video of how he is banging my fausa in a doggy style…fausa held the pole of the bed while he was entering from behind…..though her face wasn’t that clear but after the doggy style before they could switch to another style. Fausa turn around and faced the camera, its verily deduced that fausa doesn’t know he was covering the scene, it seems those girls don’t usually know he secretly cover his S*x escapade.

gensec: mr man,why not responding? Say something to it now…..did you like it? Very sure you gonna like it…

Me: what do you want?

Gensec: if i should request for the double of your
demand…i think I worth it, but am very sure its gonna spend you a year to get it…,.but i will show you mercy

me: what do you want mr. Man?

Gensec: are you still talking in a mocking tone?

Me: not atall, just name your price

gensec: better, because if you try to act tuggery….i have
already burn the video to cd and have made several copies to distribute to both freshers and stalites for free

me: is that all?

Gensec: all ke? I have already package 50 copies of the cd…for the management which gonna be fowarded to them first thing tomorrow morning

me: haaaaa

gensec: not all…….i am going to upload it to almost all sites and blogs on the internet and you know what that means?

me: please what do you want (by this time, i was already in a land I couldn’t recognize………my brain, mind and the whole body are already hot and shaking)

gensec: well i will pity your parent…and beside I wanna end this game at this junction.,..so there won’t be loose or gain
from any side of us

me: hmmm………… im listening then…

gensec: lol……….. all what I want is a money equal to the amount I sent to you on Friday…..and I want it in my account latest before the end of this week….. he dropped his account details

me: *chai mo daran ooooooo…… today na Thursday, tomorrow na the end of the week, wer I go get 50k between now and tomorrow* I mute and switch from his chat profile to seye’s profile

me: bro e don happen again oooooo

*no respond*…………………… chai another wahala,,, where does this guy put his phone? Why is he not with phone by this time of the moment?? I went offline and located the logbook on my phone to dial seye’s number before I could do so, I saw a notification message of gen sec *mr. man, I can see you have stopped replying me while I’m less concern….. just to show you one of my proof about my moves tomorrow…*

……………….Conversation of seye and i……………….

Me: bro e don happen again ooooo

seye: alaye just stop stammering jur, cool your temper, wetin happen? Shey fausa don pregnant ni?

Me: bro shey be if na pregnancy e go sweet……na gensec ooooooo

Seye: wetin do am? E don send the rest? Abi e don die ni?

Me: bro ah beg listen jur……………. He called me this morning to login to my bbm…. You wont believe what I saw?

Seye: what is that?

Me: na the escapade of he and my fausa where fausa’s face shows……….and he said he is going to do the plan I intended to do to him for fausa….

Seye: bro be wise now…. Who is fausa? Is she in any association in the school? Is she participating in any thing in school? Bro ah beg jara e jur………. Shey his image never show along inside the video?

Me: he backed the camera but his side view is traceable

Seye: lobatan….. this is what you gonaa say…………
Seye told me everything to say and we hung up.

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