Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 25

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mama godwin and bro john our neighbour were the one at the door, knocking and shouting…..”come out aunty fausa…the house is on fire”………we hurriedly got up from the bed and fausa took her way toward the door still unclad…i drew her back and i told her to get a cloth to wear…….we rushed out and we could see the fire whistling so heavily, but thank God its not our side, but with time it may extend to our building……..i hurriedly went inside again and carry my laptop…….when i got back outside, many things are running through my brain…”is it not this fausa that gonna kill me???????” ”all these are not happening when i was with seyi” have i not chosen a wrong decision?” hey God save me ooooo” i was back alive when i heard noises and people splashing water and sand to it………….by this time bro john and fausa were at the middle of the crowd, while his (bro john) girlfriend came very closer to where i stood and tap my shoulder.
Girl: bro, you are lazy oooo

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Me: why do you said so??

Grl: all men are moving close to the fire but you stood a very far to it. hope your girlfriend is enjoying you sha???

Me: lol…..i will give you the question as an assignment…..go and ask my girlfriend the reason why she can’t do without me

Girl : lol……….i doubt it jur….you this lazy man

Me: haaaaa me???? I wish we could have a privacy one day

Grl: you and who??????i can bet with my life, na you go run…

Me: ***i brought my phone and i was trying to collect her digit** can i have your… By this time fausa is already beside us…

Fausa: darling. what is happening here?

Me: nothing now….”bro john’s girlfriend is already taking her leave and she went to her boyfriend”

Fausa: but i saw you collecting her number

Me: her number ke?????what for?????

Fausa: then why did your brought your phone out?

Me: hunmmmmm…..she said she has fire station’s emergence number.. and i requested for it

Fausa: God save you…..i thought you wana collect her number just because of all this features she possesses

Me: what features?

Fausa: tell me the truth.. does she has boobs and booty than i do?????

Me: my angel…….this is not the right time for ths you get all the assests…**meanwhile this girl is so endowed…..a round ebony boobs with a fantastic onion booty…..i can’t wait to taste the sawama…….*** i looked to assess both size but not what we ordered my eyes to assess that it observed……i was just calculating the rotion of the swaying bullet of each booty of the girl while walking beside her boyfriend….

FAUSa: **tap me** what is it you are assessing since now?
Me: don’t mind me jawe…..can’t even distinguish……you gat the same size but you are beautiful than she do…….** just flattering her**….we went back inside when the fire stopped……..

One day,, i was at the bacony looking around the compound with my eyes…….but i couldn’t believe what my eyes are seeing while scanning bro john’s kitchen………i only saw a face of a girl at the window and her bossom resting at the window frame and a male face far behind…….she was having a doggy style and she was staring at me in a pleasure’s way……..she was just seducing me while moaning, though i didn’t hear any sound but I could feel it through her gesture……..after 5mins……..i could see her going inside but bro john still waiting for her……..she came back and they continue with the doggy style, she later drop a paper via the window…..i rush down stair to pick the paper as if she has already told me that I will be having a message from her, it was a number written on the paper including a litle letter……”call me tonight around 11:30pm” i did as she said…i called her when i tiptoed to the bacony of the entire house……she came down as well and she joined me there..we didn’t even waste much time….she ordered for my service and we bet with a hard slap……….i gave her doggy style and i F*cked so hard like my life depend on it……she was just moaning…..buh when i heard a footstep i stopped and she slapped me…..she said…u failed….till next time. and she left………

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