Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 11

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i hurriedly took the outside handle and force it opened,,,,,,,,
i went inside with her while i shut the door……’i knew the reason why she avoided to make my way at the passage………..it is because she said she don’t want anything to come between us again” —..i got inside with her. i knelt down before her

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Me: please ifemi, try and forgive me, i know have made the wrong chosen, so that’s why I am here seeking for your forgiveness

Seyi: are you trying to have me back??? *In a questionable looks*

ME: please i will appreciate that…please i love you so much and have realised the fact that i have lost a real woman in my life, i could notice your mummy with her reaction to me that she had hated me even more than you do, but i need to beg you so that you can splash good water to where you have planted bad crop about me………please come back to
me. i promise to sacrifice my life for you and you only.

SEyi: did you just say ‘sacrifice’? Even if i didn’t see any man to marry again in this life, i can never choose to have you back, i will rather prefer to remain single for life

ME: please baby ** moving closer and trying to pat my hand on her shoulder**

SEyi: if you dear to! if you try to move a inch anymore i will shout out loud and accused you for sexual harassment….
…just make a way for me to get out of here

ME: please i may die if you don’t come back to me…

SEyi: it will be better if you can die. I cannot bear to be a snatcher like your wife did to me………go back to her because i can still see you guys living together in joyous….both of came to this convocation coupled…how do you explain things to her if I agreed to be back?

ME: hmmmmm *so this girl’s eye no comot from our side?* please, I can handle that, just try not to escort me to my grave with this your looking, because it seems this girl used juju for me

SEyi: if she used charm for you, you won’t even have the mind to come to me atall talkless of begging, you will hate me like a bedroom rat, just let me go before i let a shoutout ………..”’egbami ooooo’” (screaming)

SHE was trying to shout while i forwarded my hand toward her mouth inorder to prevent her from shouting……and before we could exit the loo she dropped a statement….
“’we met here, dropped here and we are not gonna meet again”’

….I couldn’t do anything with the statement she altered, I was on stand just looking like sombi……………we departed thereafter and immediately we got out of the comfort station, I sighted fausa where she was wandering to and fro the joint waiting for me…seyi left the party immediately and i never see her again……………….i continued with fausa because if i
should leave her, that means i loose both…once fausa still love me, i don’t think i need to drop her. or what do you think?????????

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