Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 13

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…………..we told them there was only a man tracking our life…..and it was gen sec…….they left to arrest gen sec…and he was tortured like a murderer but yet he insisted he doesn’t know where seye was neither know anything about what happened……….we were so worried but we allowed the bail of gensec after many begs from some people and some rumour that seye was died, some said they saw his dead body along osogbo road, while some said their prophet told them he had died……….we all accepted seye was died and i tried to forget about him after some days to the incident, the more i tried to forget though, the higher the flows of his thought were pumping through my head ………….i can never forget seye in my memory…… Two weeks after the incident of seye, i was inside the room when a call entered my phone
…i checked the screen and it was from a strange number again but lightly familiar
“God !!!!. hope this is not another obituary again”
“who might this be??”
….i picked the call and i heard a familiar voice saying…..

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Caller: hello chairman…

Me: helooooo. who is this????

Caller: this is Mr. john, flora’s boyfriend…….

Me: haaaa egbon (brother)…longtime, where have you been??????

Bro john: its a long story, but i thank God am I alive……….Mr. Alabi……..what did i do to you?

ME: how? What are you talking about????? (Pretended as if I know nothing)

Bro john: stop pretending, i know you killed my wife and you made me suffered a lot because her family and friends asked me to provide their missing girl and i have been locked in the cell for good a month…..

Me: ehnm…………..

Bro John: ..i firstly got an information that you and my baby were having something together and that was why i planned to harass both you and your girlfriend sexually in retaliation, that’s why i organized men to rape your girl in your presence which that stupid boy seye rescued you….but right now i thank GOd have seen a leaked video where you and your friend buried my flora…..though i didn’t have it in mind to marry flora before because she is too flirty and a wayward girl. i was just using her to shark my body…..but i am going to retaliate the suffernness you put me into…

Me: please am so sorry, mr john………..its not intentionally, she collapsed on her own that day….please forgive …..

Mr john: hunmmmmnn, i will consider you and won’t harm you….but there is something you gonna do for me…….

mE: what’s that sir?

BRO john: i have been liking and appreciating your wife’s stature and beauty since she relocated to our compound, but because of you i swayed away my eyes off her,,,, but now if you can allow me to be using your girlfriend in replace of my flora.. there won’t be any problem but if you don’t support the idea, i will kill both of you as i have killed seye or report you to the police…………if you don’t know. right now seye had been killed by me and if he was crawling he might have gotten to the heaven by now……..

mE: haaaaaaaaa so you are the one that killed my best friend????? How could you do that????

Mr john: that is your own headache, am giving you just today to think about it, i want the answer before pm tomorrow

-…..he hung up on me….
………haaaaaaa mogbe ooooooo, this is another wahala ooooooo. What can i do????????

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