Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 15

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Before i could notice it…..Mr. John came to our room and they started that night, I excused them when I notice that something is getting to one Another,,,, infact Mr. John wasn’t even scared, he even had the gut to do it inside my matrimonial home…..continuously, either in his home or even in my matrimonial bedroom, and continuously like that everyday and night. ……even mr john is now enjoying my fausa more than me ‘the owner’………he requested for it any moment, any angle even more than twice per day…even the psyches out of the neighbor must have noticed the affair, but none of them intervened……i beg him to make it just once per day when I couldn’t bear it any longer. he accepted…… ..though i know it’s not from fausa’s willing but she just do it for my sake…..and i have warned her to allow him enter to her woman bank whenever he requested……..after 6 days of the escapade between my wife and mr john.. i got an idea and i shared the plan with fausa….. fausa doesn’t want to buy the idea but i insisted she must do it because I have noticed fausa had been fallen in love with the man more than me, I caught her on phone with mr john before I shared the idea with her saying: “eehhhnnnn,,,,should I come over ni????” “lay bua”…how many will you do? Bla bla……………..”””””
and i can’t bear to loose her for another man,,,,, she hardly allow me to sex her once in a week and she gave mr john atleast twice per day ……though what she always gave as an excuse was that ”baby am tired for the day”, ”you led me into this, blabla”,,,,,,
….so i told fausa to kill mr john when they might have been deep in sex in his house……..i told her to go there at late hour in the night so that no one will suspect us …………she later agreed but she said i should give her time to plan over it… ..after ten days of service…….fausa told me that night that there is something very important she wanted to discuss with me……… I asked what might it be that make it so important…… she was stammering but later she voice out that it seems she is pregnant…because she has been seeing some pregnancy symptoms……….i got the most shock when i heard this,,,,,,, i didn’t know what to do again…because i vividly recall and flashed back to what the doctor said in the hospital when we were admitted, “your wife may or may not have the chance to procreate ……”

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me: you are what?????

fausa: baby! i am pregnant *crying*

me: who is responsible?????

fausa: i can’t say but am very sure it’s mr. john

me: how would you be sure of that.? Something that is not upto a month… this is just a day plus half of month of your affair with mr. john…..but am scared it might not be me because i only have sex with you just only twice since your affair began with mr john…………*chai mr johnu don cause trouble to our home*

fausa: mr john or you???

me: why are you talking like this, what are you saying???? if we didn’t oblige to his wish, we would have died by now like he did to seye

fausa: hummmmnnnnn *still crying* what are we gonna do now?????

me: please think of a way out because we can’t leave this pregnancy

fausa: what are you now talking about???? you want me to get rid of the pregnancy????????

me: i have not say so, but…

fausa: but what??? have you forgotten what the doctor said about me????

me: i remember the doctor said ‘you having a pregnant or a child is under probability’, but we can’t leave this pregnancy and bear the mess………..

fausa: please i can’t do abortion because i need to have atleast a baby of my own in this world…

me: what do you now think we can do????

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