Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 16

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fausa came up with an idea…….but i was in a dilemma of no choice to choose…….

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Fausa: what i think we can do is to just eliminate john as you said earlier and leave this pregnancy

Me: so i will now become the father of a bastard

Fausa: who is a bastard???? aren’t you the one cause all these???

Me: not what you are thinking

Fausa: what are you thinking??????

Me: don’t you know the child we ask of his father one day

Fausa: see rubbish you are altering from your mouth………..a neonate that are yet to form in my womb will ask of his father…..what if i don’t tell you that he is the one, and i lied you are the one, what is gonna happen………would the child still ask???

Me: though you have a point but…

Fausa: but what????see i can’t just terminate the pregnancy if that’s what you want…. over my dead body

Me: ok if that should be the case……i conquered

Fausa: that’s my baby….that’s why i love you

Me: i love you too..*in a soft tone*

Me: so when are you executing the plan

Fausa: i will let you know………..

Me: aiit dear….we hugged and have a nice top-up sex after………..

***at the night of the following day….fausa called me and said she will carry the operation that night…..but she said she has an idea…..

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