Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 17

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she advised to let pack our load that day’s afternoon and vacate from the house before the incident occur, so she said she will be back to his house in the night to carry the operation whereby she will join me back at our hidden spot………i agreed and kudos her with the great idea ………………we packed our load that day as she suggested and we told everybody in the compound that we are traveling so that if anything happens they won’t suspect us…….we left that house afternoon and fausa came back at night……….i was so worried where i sat waiting for fausa because it has been too dark and i never see my fausa to back ontime, she left my side around 7:45pm, she came back around 10:40pm. She told me she had done the assignment successfully ……i was happy with her but her looks proves so worries…..i asked her what could be the problem

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Me: baby, what is it????why are you moody??????

Fausa: am not now…..

Me: your look speak it all. Please tell me what is bothering you………

Fausa: nothing now

Me: did’t you do the operation, or wasn’t successful????????

Fausa: it was successful now, even if he is crawling, he must have been by the gate of the heaven by now,

Me: then what is baffling you

Fausa: i just feel uncomfortable for the victim, and also am not happy, because i killed a human being like me with my hands………………

Me: forget about that dear………..he had done more than that and he deserved it…….**i could see stained of blood all around her gown scanty** i patted her on her shoulder we were happy atleast we can now live together happily forever*
**(soliloquizing beside fausa)**
“but how am i going to cope with the baby???”
“should i take it from her or find away to poison her for abortion??????” “what if she die nko??????”
“ noooooooo i won’t do that??”
“ Let me just take it from her because what if she doesn’t tell me atall??won’t I be responsible for the father of bastard???”
lemme take it as my faith and I will put my trust in her or even make an oath together *********
–…….we got back to our house 5days after the Incident….. ..we couldn’t hear anything whether mr john was died or alive…my thought was that, several rumors about johnu’s death from people especially our neighbor should be spread in the atmosphere but none of them mentioned such…..i was like could fausa lied to me????? Wasn’t it a successful operation she claimed???, but she confirmed it to me now and even I could see stain of blood on her body.. So i asked fausa if she was sure she killed him, she said yes… I asked some neighbors but they said they didn’t know mr john’s whereabout but all what they knew was that mr john left the house unnoticing and yet to be back since then………..i was scared may be fausa didn’t carry out the assignment……but she sworn she did……….the following day we arrived, a corper, who was a lady that i used to call fausa’s taiwo because they were to close, and she is the only friend of fausa in that compound, she stayed opposite to our room. she came to us to gist us about the death of mr john and also that his luggage had been packed by his sisters the second day they found him in a pool of blood……..i asked her in a shocked way how it happened….she said they found mr john been killed with knife by someone…she said they saw the knife At his chest but didn’t see a trace from the person that did such a cruel act…..i was happy at one side of me and also imagine how could she be the only one person witnessed this??????
why others didn’t know???????

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