Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 18

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………i was happy at one side of me and also imagine how
could it be only one person witnessed this??????
why others didn’t know???????……..Could this be true??????????? hmmmmmmmmmm…..
***we forget everything about Mr. John, Seye and Seyi, and we made it a past event in our life and past history in our memory……..we continue our life as we did before………….
two months later, it was getting toward my exit point from the school because we have done our final exam while fausa still have a year ahead of her ………..i was preparing for my service that year as my result was fine, but i started encountering a frequent sickness two month after Mr. john’s scene, this sickness comes almost twice per week even during and before the time mr john was alive, having something together with my wife……..i discovered that i got tired within a short time whenever am having sex with my wife and if I make attempt to sex regularly for two days. i will got sick…..after the incident of mr john which we have been confirmed dead. I had a terrible sickness that i was admitted to the hospital….i was unconscious for like 3days, and during this period, all what i could remember was how i raised fausa’s legs with my hand having “two legs up sex”……………….but when i regained back consciousness, i was told i have died for 7days in the hospital…..i
woke up and i expected to see fausa beside me but guess who I saw????????

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