Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 1

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A year later………….i finished my service and was wandering around from one location to another, hunting for job but all in vain……….
………..thank God i have seye beside me for my financial rescues ……by that time seye has became the sales director of one organization where he was earning N60,000 per month, we stayed together because he was yet to marry………………he cater for everything i need and he also helped me in searching for job but all with no result…….i have forgotten everything about fausa in toto, infact i never meet her again in my dream talkless in life ..but whenever i was hurny and in need of S£x i did remember fausa.
…..one day, seye came back home from work. he told me he had discovered where fausa was living with a man….he said the man was the same man that kidnapped him the period he was missed and almost died not with the help of a woman who save his life…

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Seye: guess who the woman was?

Me: you know am not good at guessing now

Seye: hummnnnn it was your formal angel

Me: formal angel!!!!!!!!!! who are you talking about????????????

Seye: seyi ofcorse

Me: seyi ke?????? How did you guys meet???? How does she helped you?????? Is she a witch?????

Seye: noooooooo, that day, i was kidnapped after been tortured with a mad beaten inside my room, they escorted me out to a bushy area where they gave me the season 2 of beating intaken the hell out of me……..i was damn unconscious and weak that time I couldn’t do anything than to give up hope to ghost……..but they stop the beaten when two men approaches us, one was the man i saw married to fausa now…and the other one happened to be my best friend in my secondary school days.

Me: so fausa had married to a kidnapper?????

Seye: hear me out first……………

Me: am sorry boss……how did you recognized the man you claimed your friend from secondary school……

Seye: a lady not a man, believe me she wasn’t change atall………i was even surprised how she recognized me even with those bruises and marks on me that middle of the night……….
…….though she was a lady i made to pass her o’level during our time then…she doesn’t know anything, I was the one that taught her and allow her to copy from my note whenever we are having test or exam…….so she love me so very badly to the extent that she did come to our house often and often. It happened one day that she got impregnated by one irresponsible man that doesn’t collected the pregnancy from her….she was ashamed of herself and made attempt to abort it, she used drug but didn’t succeeded, she then went to the hospital after she was encountering serious pains, i was the one that carried her to the hospital and paid her bills, we were just an intimate friends during that time, there are many things I have done for her that I couldn’t myself remembered. after our waec, we departed when we relocated to our new site ,,,,,she saw me at the ARENA that I am the person they came to execute and she was shaking, she doesn’t know what to do. she couldn’t stop them from killing me because she has no power to do so, and she couldn’t allow me to death also, so she troway me the sign of relaxation through her facial expression there beside the man that sent them to kill me……..the man walked closer to me and told me he was flora’s boyfriend, and he was taking avenge of his girlfriend from me that night, i begged him but he said he was too late…..he ordered them to kill me immediately their boss (tiger) arrived, and he left the arena………thank GoD tiger wasn’t arrived instantly i might have been a dead man by now…………shade was the second in command after tiger, so after the departure of Flora’s Boyfriend, she ordered the other muscular men to go and relax while she insist to stay by my watch, they agreed and they left to a nearby uncompleted building……..she untied me and led me to a direction which was dark and bushy. she told me to run away through the route……but she said i should be praying for her that she shouldn’t be caught because the commander gonna kill her if he found out that she was the one that let me escaped………but she said she is gonna lied to flora’s boyfriend that they have killed me and dump my body into a stream to prevent linkage…………….

Me: hummmmnnnnn mr. john..!!!!!!!!!!!.

Seye: i ran through the route for like two to three hours before i later got to an express around 7:am i guessed……….i was damn tired and i was seeking for people to wait and help me with a ride out of the dangerous alignment but none looked at my side…..i stayed at the express for 3hrs weaken and wheeling on ground shouting for help….unbelievable, i saw a lady who was shown to me as a very rich lady, she stood beside me and took me to her mansion in lagos……it was there i was cleaned and regained my strength, i was so surprised to see seyi who took me from Ibadan expressway to her mansion in Lagos ………all the way from abeokuta i trekked to ibadan…oga ooooo, when i no be lunatic. well i thank GoD all the way……..

Me: did you just said my seyi was the one that help you on that day????

SEYE: yes.. she was the one…infact she even gave me money to treat myself ..though I rejected it but she insisted……she was living very large and maximally comfortably now.

Me: has she married??????

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