Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 10

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She search with the whole time and never see my name in the list again……I told her I was number 201 among the applicants they chose yesterday…..she located the name written in the number I claimed to be mine and it was “fellix adam joshua” instead of “ogunyinka adesokan alabi”………..haaaaaaaa mo gbe oooooo..what is the meaning of this again?……God where are your eyes??? Are you no more a living God? I ask for seyi’s mercy toward me and you never grant me instead you kuku no even called for our meeting again………………
“was it seyi that found out that my name was among the list????”
“haaaaa may be she was the one that change the name…….”
“lailai, she can never be the one,,,,”
“she has no time to do that”…
“I could see how much tired she was after yesterday’s interview”..
“so it was clearly deduced that she left the office immediately for her house that yesterday and she is yet to be present today”………….
“who can do this”……
“haaaaaaaa I got it.. it must be one of this workers that did this”…..
“they have sold my name for another person,,,,,”
“that’s how they do in this kind of big organization”……
“what can I do now????????”
………. I was still on this thought when I got a hand tapped on my shoulder with a Voice from behind:
“hey mr. Man…..your name is not written in the list so you can leave immediately…….

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Me: please sir, help me with this, I was surely among the yesterday’s applicant infact I can tell you everything that happened here yesterday

Security: mr. Man respect yourself,,,,, please move @@he started dragging and pushing me out of the reception

Me: please, try and get me right, moreso, I am a friend to your boss

Security: (laugh out loud) which of the boss are you talking about? see this mumu, are you a dramatist? How could a riffraff like you be my oga’s friend, or which boss are you talking about@@still pushing@@

Me: seyi who is your chairlady is my friend, you can ask her, please do me the favour by making up our meeting…

Security: now I can clearly see that you are mad….he slapped me from behind at the back of my head………….and he escorted me out of the lot……..I went to a basement outside the office thinking of what to do and also crying and weeping
“God why all these happening to me?”
“who might replaced my name with another person”
“What time did they do such”
“something that is not up more than 20hours”
“haaaaa Nigerians …..where are we going in this country”
“ is this not a sign of corruption?”
“am I going to loose this multi thousand job?”
“is my life going to remain like this?”
“this is the only opportunity I have this year, where else do I have to get another big job like this in this Nigeria?”
“haaaaaa iya mi lorun ooooooo ( my mother in heaven oooo), though they says, a ghost mother that has children in earth doesn’t sleep? Why is alabi’s mother sleeping and snoring? Why are you not forgiven my sin toward you??????? Haven’t I seeked for your forgiveness???, please do something to this? Make my life a good memorable one”
……………..I never knew I have been sitting there for good 1hr until I saw a man coming to my direction….
The man: hey Mr. man….my boss is calling you

Me: who is that???

He took me to the nearby murano jeep and they order me to get inside

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