Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 11

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Seyi: alabi, what are you doing at the entrance of this office………

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Me: please seyi..you need to forgive me if you don’t want me to die between today and tomorrow…I know I really offended you but have mercy on me.

Seyi: what are you talking about????

Me: I was among the applicants that applied for work in this office yesterday……but I was unable to be attended to by you…….so when I arrived today by 6:45am this morning, I met another thing, @@I explained to her….

Seyi: eyah……sorry about that…follow me to my office……she led me to her office while we started chanting……..all those workers were just staring at me in an amazing way including the other applicants…
@@@we got inside the office and started talking

Seyi: but alabi why haven’t you gotten a job since we graduated? How are you coping?
Me: haaaaaa, its now the time to show you all the outer and inner bruises that brought pains to my body now

seyi: what are you talking about?

Me: i never graduated with you guys at that time

seyi: what happened? But i saw you graduated with us on the convocation day now

me: yes you right but everything is kajo…..i never graduated, i have a carried over

seyi: haaaa but why? The only alabi that i knew back from our 100l days was very brainy and brilliant, so what could caused your carried over?

Me: oluwaseyi mi, its a very long story…

Seyi: i heard mummy died!

Me: yes she had died all because of me

seyi: because of you?

Me: yes she donated her kidney for me to live and she gave up to ghost

seyi: haaaa, it really pains me, and i cried like a baby when i heard, she is an everly mum that suffered alot for her children to become somebody

me: may God please in his mercy grant her a sweet home in the heaven and may he touches her heart for me for forgiveness

seyi: touch her heart for you in what sense?

Me: i caused her demise with my ignorance…..”crying”

seyi: what are you talking about???

me: my devotion with fausa led me to all those troubles

seyi: how? is she not your love?

Me: what love are you talking about…..not love atall. it’s lust….

Seyi: i don’t get you

me: she doesn’t love me atall, she chose to brake our relationship due to what she heard

seyi: what does she heard?

Me: she said she heard me when deji our neighbour that tried to raped her…….., can you remember?

Seyi: yes, go ahead

me: she said she heard when deji asked me to treat her fu¢kup and she played first before I could execute the mission

seyi: did you really want to perform the task?

Me: don’t you trust me? How would i?

Seyi: how do you expect me to trust you on this little thing…besides of the biggest disappointment i can never think of you to me..,

me: all these were your fault

seyi: me? How?

Me: yes, you allowed her to enter us that deeply and moreso, you keep your nakedness from me throughout our relationship at that time, and you know S£x is part of relationship and even powerful than anything in relationship

seyi: who tell you that? Who said S£x is part of relationship? Civilization spoiled the world.. husband and wife entitle to S£x only when they are wedded…,but i kept my own virginity as at that time just for your own favour

me: my favour? or what did i just heard?

Seyi: yes your favour ofcorse

me: but how?

Seyi: its a long story……don’t worry I will tell you everything but not now

me: are you saying, am going home with you?

Seyi: yes just to clear some way

me: way to where?

Seyi: don’t worry, you will understand everything…,

me: ok thank you very much

seyi: but where is now your fausa? Are you guys no more?

Me: still dey ke? We never dey together again o…she had accompanied her mission and had found her way…,… I explained everything to her

Seyi: But how could a lady be like such a stupid nonentity…?

Me: i wonder oo…but what pain me the most is the breakage she brought to our relationship….please oluwaseyi mi arike can we be together again? I love you so much and i will never leave you again

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