Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 12

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seyi: lol…in your dream?
@@she brought out her fingers on the table and showed me the engagement ring…

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Me: are you truly married? @@i started weeping@@

seyi: stop crying my dear, you are still part of me…because i love you..

Me: thank you, but please can i get the job from you…

Seyi: why not? I will surely give you the job but you are going to stay behind and let me attend to the rest……

Me: you mentioned something the other time

Seyi: what was that?

Me: you said you gonna take me to your house….what for????

Seyi: I was just joking, or do you feel like????

Me: feel like? Why wouldn’t I? But your husband’s reaction is what I fear???

Seyi: lol, my husband is not in Nigeria for the past 8months…

Me: where is he?

Seyi: USA……….though he based there but he used to come home every month, but he left 8month ago for a project that gonna cost him atleast 1 and half year…….

Me: heyah but how are you coping?

Seyi: did you just say ‘cope’? What will be my problem??? S£x??????????? Am not the type, you know me now

Me: sure I do, don’t mind me jare,

Seyi: lol, let me quickly attend to those applicants, though we have already selected those we needed, but we can’t just burst the news of a stayback to them just like that……

Me: haaaaaaa, so you have chosen those you need already????

Seyi: like seriously, we chose 35. Just remain only 1.

Me: is that one gonna be me????

Seyi: lol I said don’t worry……..

Me: ok oooooooo

Seyi: take a seat at that sofa……@she pointed to the sofas furniture at the right hand corner of the office

Seyi: I will quickly attend to them now
@she picked up an intercom phone at one corner of her right hand side and gave a call to her secretary, ordering her to give a call to the receptionist for allowing the applicants coming up to her office accordingly….I was just happy on the sofa where I sat, and congratulating myself as a lucky man on earth……….lunch was brought to me which was unknown to me who ordered for it……….I ate and drank as if I went to a restaurant………………I slept on the chair where I was, and woke around 7:30pm by a hand tapping on my shoulder

Seyi: alabi, are you so tired to this extend???

Me: @dizzling, frowning, blowing, yawning and every every for the wokeup alert I got from the hand,,,,,,@ am sorry, I don’t mean to sleep but I don’t understand how I got slept….(with unclear voice)

Seyi: don’t worry, I understand you, not your fault, I discovered that the wine that was brought to you contained 15% alcoholic and moreso, it is used for sedation,

me: hAaaaaaaaaaaa.sedation? what for?…it is night oooooooo, can I take my leave now and come back tomorrow???? or when should I come back,??? Because I need to rush home now to avoid traffic and also everywhere will be clumsy by now……

Seyi: did you come with car or any means of transportation?

Me: not atall, I came with my treckwagen and taxiwagen

Seyi: lol, you are funny……don’t worry let me round up for today so I can give you a ride to your house

Me: thanks, I will be so glad

Seyi: where do you stay in this Lagos????? And who do you stay with????

Me: I stayed with one of my friend(seye), in a room boy squatter that was owns by his brother……..

Seyi: haaaaaaaaaaan ok, let me round up @@by this time it has clocked 7:46pm….I have been so worried how am going to get cab to my house………………before seyi would be through with everything she was doing, the time was already 8:58pm@@ even I’m still dozing….. chai mogbe……where can I get bus to abule egba from here Victoria island or anywhere she might alighted me??????

After 5minutes, I saw seyi approaching my seat;

Seyi: alabi, we are good to go now

Me: alright, I stood from my seat
@we headed to the car lot. we entered the murano jeep…..I wondered why was there no driver again, because I could remember vividly that it was a driver that brought her this morning@

Me: where is your driver???

Seyi: he had left since 5:00pm, he received a call that his daughter was sick and needed to be taken to the hospital…….
@@we are already out of the office gate, heading to the main express that time….@@
Before we could reach the main express that leads to the central Lagos, there has been a terrible traffic that can’t be predictable,,,,,,

Seyi: haaaaaaaa see traffic…..what are we going to do now

Me: haaaaaaaaa, what kind of traffic is this oh lord

Seyi: alabi this is 9:20pm already, what time do you think we gonna spend to get out of this traffic??? It would be better if you follow me to my house because I wonder what time I will be driving back all alone all the way from your house back to victoria island (my house) even if the road is cleared….let go home ah beg,,,,,

Me: hmmnnnn ok oo! your wish is my command

Seyi: lol…

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