Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 13

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@we took a turning back to the main road and headed to seyi’s mansion@ we entered the house with a remote control. The remote opened the gate for us, the remote was also used to open the entrance door………..no one was noticed inside the house@@

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Me: is there no one in this house?????

Seyi: yes, I stay all alone, but with my housemaid, she might have slept in her room by now….please come inside and let me show you the visitor’s room……we headed for the visitor’s room and we emerged out back to the sitting room…..

Seyi:…let go and take a shower..

Me: alright

Seyi: I will like you to go inside and change, take your bath and join me here on the dining…

Me: alright…@I went inside, do as she ordered and we ate together on the dining….after the meal, she led me to a room at the corner, which I guessed is her husband rest room……it was situated at the front of seyi’s room@
I went inside, took off my clothes and remained on me only my boxer……I was in bed thinking about seyi…

Me: hummnnnn this is a chance for me to get taste of my one and only seyi that I have spent more than a year with without S£x..”

My mind: you better maintain your virtous, otherwise, you will meet yourself where you won’t like, don’t forget you still need the job

Me: that is true oooo, if I make any funny motive, that means I’m going to be in soup and going to lose the millions worth of job

2nd mind: but to think of it, this girl was doing everything seductively from the time she woke you up in the office, do you think of anything she might upto?

Me: you are right, she even already want me to come home with her right from strike…and also imagine how she was doing to me on the dining table while we were eating?????she wore an attractive nighty with a bomb shot at the dining and she was looking at me so seductively, should I goto her room to make a first attempt?

My mind: attempt of what????? I pity your life, what if what you are thinking about is totally wrong????? Hummmm

Me: just let me remain here and sleep…
@@I was on this thought and never know when I got asleep……..I woke up when I noticed that my prick was in a hand of a woman stroking up and down, and by this time it was 12:48am at the mid of the day,,,,,, I hurriedly woke up and met myself naked, uncovered and also my rod in a hard of a lady……….guess who the lady was??????

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