Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 14

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Seyi was manipulating and jacking my penis seriously as if her life depends on it,,,,,,I grasped her hand and shouted!!!

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Me: seyi what are you trying to do?????

Seyi: calm down now…why are you shouting??? Do you think anybody can hear your voice???? Lol..even my housemaid that is over there in another apartment can never hear anything……..

Me: please why are you doing this…..?

Seyi: I will tell you after you make love with me

Me: seyi are you with your sense????
@@meanwhile, I was happy inside me because that was what I’ev been willing for all the while,,, I really need to have a taste of seyi even if it just once but I must act@@ please seyi get up and go back to your room
@@she stood up with just only bra that sagged her breast to the extent that the breasts were even almost out of their room.. she was only with a nylon pant that reveal the colour, shape and the entrance to her womanhood……..I could vividly tell the size of her clitoris through the pant…………I was totally carried away with the lovely, fresh and shining skin that stood before me……I won’t deceive you, if you are a catholic father, and you see a kind of body like that before you, meanwhile you are given an option to choose either from the ”body” or “Bible”……mr.man I can bet it with you, you wont bear to let go of seyi’s body, even if you are warned that you gonna dead after the S£x, you won’t hesitate to carry on the show………..she was damn beautiful and endowed with everything a man pray for……………..
She stood there staring at me and twisting her body so softly,,,,,, I got to my feet and grabbed her bossoms, I took them out of the bag and started squeezing and sucking……I sucked sucked and sucked with expected that seyi must have wet, but she doesn’t, I took my hand down to her labia, rubbing carelessly and softly, she was just looking at me pitiful,
I started thinking within myself ….
“hope this is not a setup?”
“hope not a test for me”
“hope this konji not going to ruin my life???”
“hope this S£x not going to escort me to jail?”
“haaa in another man’s matrimonial home”
“is seyi for real???”
“should I fire on or call myself back??”….. I am still massaging her body and manipulating the region of her holy land……. I wanted to take my finger across her clitoris to make a deep insert of my finger to toto while she grabbed my hand and said, “NO!……what are you trying to do????”
“Do you think am ashewo?????”
“Why do you think to treat me like those olosho girls out there???”
“Is it because I want us to do this?????”
………..i was scared at first but immediately I got this last statement, I got released, so she intended for this“
She continues….“I only allowed you to play as you like with my breast just to give you a test but you failed……..

Me: please am very sorry dear, I don’t even mean to go far to this, just that I was tempted by your body……….please forgive me

Seyi: no problem, you don’t worry,,,,,, just bring your penis to my holly home and let do it and let forget everything

Me: but why do you want us to do it?

Seyi: I will tell you after the show

Me: but why can’t you tell me now? I don’t think I’m going to do it

Seyi: you must,,,, ok?, ok….let me tell you….. its because my husband left me for long,,,, and I don’t know why I got hurny when I see you in my house today…

Me: are you sure of this???

Seyi: yes dear…..@@she climbed the bed and open the home widely for me to enter…..I move along with her and place myself ontop her between her lover laps and started the missionary style, like seriously, seyi’s toto was damn tight like a virgin but because there was no blood coming out of it, I took her a virginless……I do the show like I have never S£x a lady in my life before………….we ended the S£x after 20minutes and we laid beside each others, I wanted to go extra rounds but she declined

Me: oluwaseyi I really love what you just did with me tonight, and I pray it shouldn’t stop to this, how I wish you should be my wife

Seyi: lol don’t even think about this ever in your life again…..do you think is my wish to sleep with someone that cause pains to my heart?????? E get as e be ni o

Me: what are you talking about????? Why do you allow me to S£x you?

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