Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 15

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Seyi: you want to know right?????

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Me: yes please tell me and moreso, even if you have your reason to S£x with me, you don’t even scare if I have HIV or not

Seyi: lol I’m not so daft to that extend,,,, if you can remember when we finished our conversation in the office before you went to the sofa I pointed to you to seat on….I asked to check if you are physically fit to be given the kind of job I want to give, you remember when you enter the machine, before it could massage you, your leg was clipped with a clip and also your hands?

Me: yes

Seyi: do you remember you screamed that something pin your wrist at the process of clipping

Me: yes even I discovered I lose some drops of blood

Seyi: lol the machine collected your blood through the clip for HIV test and the result was negative…..

Me: haaaaaaaaaaa you these rich people sha, you can even sell us without our consents

Seyi: lol

Me: so please tell me the reason you made us to S£x
Seyi: humnnnnnnn can you remember the first date we made when I accepted to date you back in school then?????

Me: yes

Seyi: when we got to your house, you carried me on my back inside your room…..

Me: yes I remember!

Seyi:…….this is a taboo in our family for a man to carry a lady of our tribe that is yet to be his wife on her back…..it is a serious calamity….I never knew before, I would have instructed you not to, but I later discovered it after 2 months when we were discussing about the family norms at home…….I quickly went to the head of the family and seek for help……he took me to one herbalist and the man said either you or I is going to carry the sacrifice, I didn’t want to stress or involve you because I know you won’t carry it due to the home you came from….I carried the sacrifice for 3days…..after 3days…I went back to the man because he asked for me to…..he told me that he had carried out a process on my fiance……..he said alabi doesn’t destined to be rich in life……..he said though I will enjoy you with the utmost cares, but there won’t be money attached…..inshot you are not destined with wealth…….I was shocked and was crying for his help toward you……….he said we have only one remedy, he asked if I am still virgin because the only remedy is to use a virgin potfolio to build up your future, though he said nothing will happen to me at present and in future… he then said he is going to seize my womanhood for just a year….he said that thing will work for your future, and he warned me not to have S£x with anybody during that time including you and neither to reveal the plans to you at that time…………I was keeping it within myself and that’s the reason I didn’t allow you to S£x me……….

Me: haaaaaa mogbe ooooo (I’m doomed)….

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