Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 16

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Seyi: …….if you remember the day I got back from holiday to school, that day I didn’t tell you I will be coming, but I came as a surprise and to spend the night with you because it was that day I was freed from a year caging of ‘no S£x’ I have been confined……..it was that day you told me you have an assignment to solve in your friend’s house,,,,, I waited for the next day which I then came to you in your room when you got back from where you claimed you went to, inorder to firstly introduce the S£x to you as a surprise, but instead to welcome me, you gave obituary, you requested for us to go in separation, you broke up with me…….@she started weeping@

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Me: haaaaaa mo gbe (I’m doom) I never knew

Seyi: I really suffered a lot for that little you caused to me……..I went back to that herbalist to tell him what you requested for……..it was then that he reveal the secret I never aware of to me………….he said he made an exchange of my destiny with yours when he noticed that I so much love you and because I said I can do anything to make you a person in life….and besides, that I was destined with the best stars in life………….I cried, cried and cried throughout that month………he said before I can have my glory back from you, I will barb my hair with an herbalist blade, and I will carry a concoction at the middle of the night for 7days naked………I did as he said but on the last seven day was as if I was flogged by some people that I didn’t see……later I discovered bruises and spots around my body, that is why I was absent in school during that time…and moreso, after the sacrifice, I was told that you must carry me out of the same house you carried me in the other time for seven days, and that was the reason I asked you to carry me outside the gate for seven days, I knew it may be meaningless to you then, but meaningful to me…………………

Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaa, seyi please I seek for you to kill me now, please kill me and let me die because I can’t bear to stay to be seeing you with the pains I brought you to,…

Seyi: it is gone now….let just forget it, am I not the one now????having mansions, different cars, controlling trillions of dollars…….let forget the past

Me: but why did you chose to S£x with me upon all the pains I brought to you?

Seyi: after my service, I met my husband, we married and we never get a child since then……..I went back to that baba and he told me that before I can have a baby of mine, I must sleep with you even if it just for 1minute……..he said it was your name he called onto my private virgin organ that he took for the process he did for me on that very day……….he said only you can break the entrance for my procreation…………………….I tried to search for you, but I was told you are no more in abeokuta,,,,, when I saw your friend seye..I was happy but he told me he doesn’t know your whereabout because he was kidnapped………

Me: but why didn’t you accommodate me the first day I came to your house?

Seyi:…..the first day you came to my house was a surprise to me, I sent you out in anger mood I was…because I flashed back to all the dos you did to me in the past and beside we must have S£x at the middle of the night not at daylight, that was the instruction I got from the man……I was damn happy when I saw you in my office today……….because I don’t have anywhere to get you again…………..

Me: hmmmmmnnnn so you have collected back your glory, and you have given a way for your procreation as well?……so what next????? Just let me die….I see!!!….have been looking for work all this while, I never knew the cause for it,

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