Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 18

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I have been in the office before anybody on that faithful Monday, waiting downstairs inorder to admire tolu’s looks and to flatter her chicks when she arrive, atleast to start the association from somewhere……….. though tolu senior me and she earned money than I do because she applied with her master degree holder ………………but we take ourselves equally in the company, we give a gap for respect………………around 7:48am she arrived in a very skimpy skirt and a top that was covered by a suit, she was damn muah, and I admired her looks, she was so flattered and blushed…….I escorted her to her office that was located at the third floor of the building while I took back to my own office situated at the second floor…………..I was so uncomfortable on my seat, because all my mind were just on tolu and how I can woo her……a boldness flew onto me and I brought out my phone, switched to bbm and started chatting with tolu

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Me: hey queeny

Tolu: hi kingy

Me: what is that now? Who told you I’m a king?

Tolu: then who also told you too am a queen?

Me: any beautiful girl is regarded as a queen

Tolu: na only you sabi that one

Me: do you have work before you over there?

Tolu: not that much

Me: alright!!! but to say the fact, you look so “take away” this morning and I have never being noticing this kind beauty in you before, until today I saw you in that dressing

Tolu: lol stop flattering me jur…..take away to where?

Me: I am not joking. This is reality, is the dressing new?

Tolu: how do you know?

Me: I just guess, and am very sure everything on you were new

Tolu: like?

Me: everything, your outer and inner dressing, your looks even than your affairs

Tolu: what do you mean by affair?

Me: I think may be you were encouraged with this kind of dressing by a new man you just met

Tolu: new man indeed? Lol……….nooooooo man oooooo

Me: but tolu can I ask you a question?

Tolu: quickly go ahead

Me: how old are you?

Tolu: why do you ask?

Me: just feel like

Tolu: ok about 28 this year…may I also ask you a question?

Me: kindly go ahead

Tolu: how old are you too?

Me: lol, about 30 this year

Tolu: so you are older than I do?????

Me: sure I must

Tolu: haaaaa did you realize that I’m your boss? lol

Me: boss my foot,,,,,,you are my wife jur…..boss ko, boss ni

Tolu: lol just like that? Funny you

Me: yes what wrong if you be wife????

Tolu: nothing now, but I don’t think I can be

Me: why????? And moreso, why aren’t you married by now?

Tolu: nothing

Me: but do you have a boyfriend or fiancee??

Tolu: not atall but…

Me: but what and why?

Tolu: its a long story….

Me: please I’m interested

Tolu: not on phone…

Me: ok can we go for lunch together?

Tolu: hmmmmnnn lunch?

Me: yes

Tolu: ok no problem……

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