Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 19

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……..We ended the conversation. I put a call back to her to join me at one restaurant not far to our office, she came as if she was already at the entrance of the eatery………..we ordered for food and we started eating and starring at each other………no one will start the conversation……., I, that supposed to start was scaring…..but later after about finishing the meal, I busted out

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Me: baby can you tell me the story now?

Tolu: …who is your baby??? You better mind your speech (frowning looks)

Me: (gbangaun)….is this not the girl that was chatting with me normally on phone???? Why this strange attitude…..

Me: don’t mind me jare…… am sorry

Tolu: its ok! no problem……it happened that when I was in 100 in university, I met a guy, the guy was short and poor, though he was handsome and fair but he was damn short like my height and poor ……he wooed me up and I declined to be his pet at first………he never stop pestering on me and I made him suffered a lot, after all the messes and the sufferings I gave this guy, he still never give up, he will come to my house day and night………sometimes I will left him inside or at one corner of our house to a chatting with a man in his car outside our compound for a long period of times ……yet he won’t leave……….there was a day like that that some guys came to rubbed us in our hostel, they collected our money, phones and they took away my belonging which contains everything that qualifies a Nigerian student. Nothing I can do than weeping days and night, the day was 2days before the commencement of our exam, everything I have uploaded to my brain had disappeared, I get no liver, courage and confidence to read further again, I was just weeping like a small piking, tally to permit my entrance to the exam all was also among what they took, so I have no hope. I was so worried and cried all days, banji was the only one who stood by me, he made a report to the police station and collected a police report for me to be used instead of the tally card ………he followed me to see my HOD and I was permitted to do the exam…but the fact was that I wasn’t focus on my reading, I was just crying and thinking, “how would I get all those particulars back?” “Is that not the end of my academic???? I was crying and thinking and as well didn’t concentrate with my reading….no one who met me in that situation and rate my result 1quarter of the dullest man’s result in our school then. I have exam by 2:00pm this particular day and I was inside a hall, placed a book infront and was far away from earth.. But to my surprise, I didn’t know how banji knew my whereabout on that particular day of our exam, he came to me and took away my sorrow and the very memorable thing he did was that he uploaded my brain to the key areas that was likely to comes out which I eventually met when I was written the paper……he uploaded even with all the worries drawn from my eyes as if he opened my head and filled it up….I was damn happy when I did the paper brilliantly on that day…..this make me told banji on that very day that “I love you”. That will be my ever moment I’ve said that to banji. banji was so curious and eager to listen to what will follow my word…..he thought am going to accept us dating but I didn’t………he ask if I could make him my boo but I said ” banji I love you with all my heart but I can’t date you now, but can’t say later in the future, let give all hope to God” he was so sobered throughout the day.. though I would have accepted him because he was a caring man every women willing to marry but I was discouraged by those I chose at that time as my girlfriends….some are olosho while some do runs and other have a rich boos………we usually do competition about everything about us and we envy each others with our worth……..many things like phones, dressing, hair do, birthday ceremony, and a lot as a pride. so how do you expect me to accept banji that cannot do half of those things for himself talkless of one girlfriend…..so I decided to give him a suspense………he was a kind that was gentle and he was a finalist then………..we continue our friendship and I do change boyfriend like a spear tires not knowing that the future is fast approaching………..

Me: but what about the other two guys you mentioned earlier?

Tolu: you mean those bastards??????? It was on the day I went to that yahoo guy’s house that I discovered that he was having an affair with my sister, I met him with my blood sister doing master and slave services on his bed’s field….I was shocked and so paralyzed..i couldn’t do anything rather taking on my leave…..I left the house and gave a call to the other guy I told you I didn’t know his job……………his number wasn’t go through….the following week I went to his house and I was told he had been arrested because he was a human flesh part dealer……………..meanwhile banji had left the school because he had graduated as at that time, but he do calls me regularly………….”Should I accept this guy at this junction??????” “Would there be money to take care of me???” “Am I not going to fall behind my pals?” “These are the running thoughts in my mind at that time…………”Even if i want to accept him, banji didn’t raise the topic again, he had accepted a friendship from me as his faith so he won’t dear raise the topic again…….should I woo him myself?” “Never!!! My foot” I was in this dilemma at that time when one of my bae invited me to a B-night bash…….we went there and I was the only one among us that those riches wishes to talk to……………this made all those babes started envying me………I later chose to follow the runs line and I play along with the game in champions level than those I met there…………..

Me: “”hummmmnnnn so all ladies of nowadays are the same!…..can I still manage this one??? She is also a slot like my previous girl, aren’t she?…how would she play along many guys and they won’t sample her toto atall, is that possible???if na you, you feel spend ontop zero???????….I trust una.”” “”But let think this otherwise, this girl has changed…, she is now good and gentle”” should I manage her???? because if I should leave her and search for another.. who knows if the one I am gonna see would be worse than tolu and that of fausa…….???”””. I have left the good for bads for my life already….only seyi proof to be good ever…..” *lost in thought*

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