Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 2

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Me: Has she married?

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Seye: how do you expect me to know that???? but to be sincere i saw a ring in her hand when we were chatting in the sitting room but no traces of husband or children in the house throughout my stay in the compound and I spent like 3weeks with her……

ME: that means my seyi has not married yet

SEye: can’t say

ME: please give me her house description ..i must go to her to apologize…she had told me once that she may not married because of the love she has for me. She said she might chose to remain single just because I betrayed her……so please give me her address….

Seye: are you sure you are going to her house?
Me: yes now, don’t you want me to do that?

Seye: me just dey fear for your life ni ooooo, cos ah no think the girl go take thing easy with you upon every hindrances you have caused to her..

Me: oh boy, I dey fear too, but atleast I must apologize, and who knows if she was the causes to all bad things happening to me this days…..

Seye: ok oooooo. But how are you making your thinking to that side? Is she a witch?…….SEye dropped me her address.

The following day was Saturday, i went to the address given to me……..i was harassed bitterly by the gate securities but later she command them to let me in…it seems she was the one that instructed them not to allow me at onset….she might have seen me through the CCTV….i begged her to forgive me and she did….i begged her to have me back as her man but she got furious and sent me out of her house in anger….infact I was so embarrassed that day……….i felt seriously embarrassed and i decided not to go to her again…………….
…..ONE day, seye took me to the bar to catch fun. whenever I remember the bruises fausa brought to my heart,,,, I felt like to make her suffer and also anytime i remembered that fausa left me for mr john my head got arouse. i decided to punished both of them especially mr john in order to make fausa suffered…..seye agreed with me and we planned on what to do, we decided to report to the police………..though everybody think seye was died. So we are going to claimed that mr john killed seye…….i told seye not to appeared atall for that period…….and after the report….the corps went to arrest mr john. he was locked in the cell…………his wife (fausa) came to bail him but she was told they can’t release him unless I give the order……….she came to me one faithful afternoon to apologize and seek for his man to be released……..

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