Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 4

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…………….She walked reluctantly out of the room. I was happy i defeated her but i was wondering how could she do that when she don’t mean to marry me? What kind of plan was that? Given me everything about her life, this is so amazing…., i was on this thought when seye emerged from his room. he asked me how it goes, i told him everything and he asked us to tighten our move strong…,..,.. After 3hrs that fausa left my house, i got a beep of a message on my bbm, when I opened it, i saw an attached video………..guess???????????
………….i saw an attached video where i and seye was digging a grave, and how we buried flora…,i was shocked and got an heart attack, i was so confused and didn’t know what to do……..later i saw a message below which goes thus:
” mr. sharpman, if you believe you are smart, then try to defeat me through this above video, mind you, i have a lot of copies on different media, i have it on CD, flash drive, SDmemory card, laptop, external hard drive and even on a site online…,” so if you think you are smart, just try me, so i give you just 3hrs to call the police station to accept my bail, otherwise, am gonna surprise you with a curious attack
….i was just speechless and motionless.., i got a very serious headache and malaria at that very moment, i didn’t know what to do, i dialed seye’s number because he left the house immediately i told him everything about fausa’s presence…….his number went through and was ringing inside his room,,, that means he forgot it at home, i tried the second phone but not reachable, i remember the second phone’s battery was not good and might have drained off…..,….i thought of what to do and did not come up with a relevant idea, i then asked her question on bbm

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me: fausa, why are you doing this to me? But you claimed to be mine for the rest of your life, why the sudden decision?

Fause: mr. lover man, after 3hrs, if you don’t do as requested am gonna report this to The SAS…

Me: fausa remember all the past and the pains i suffered with you, please let send mr. john to jail or to death and let come back together as we are before, i seriously love you and can’t do without you

fausa: lol, all that are stories for the gods.., do you want me to kill the father of my daughter? and come back to you as a barren for the rest of my life? Never, you better make your decision now, because you have less than 40minutes left

Me: ok you can go to bail him now……I am putting call to the DPO right away…
..I put a call straight to the DPO and ordered for mr. john’s bail….10mins before the given time by fausa, seye entered the room. i blamed him for not taking his phone along with him, he said he mistakenly picked the fair battery phone for the good one, i told him everything that has happened and showed him the video, he watch, watch and watch all over again and again……….he asked what step have I made so far. i told him have ordered for his bail…

Seye: how could you do that…..why can’t you wait for me before you make such decision? was it not both of us that plan this?

Me: am very sorry, she timed me, and even the time will lapse in 2 minute time now…

Seye: hear yourself, even if the time lapsed, can she make the report again at this time of the day

me: oh you get it right, am sorry for that, but let just leave them alone once we don’t have any idea to tackle the allegation

seye: no problem, but i have an idea and am very sure it’ll work

me: tell me the idea please………………

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