Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 5

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seye: call the police station and terminate the approval straight away……

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Me: alright boss, i did so and i asked what the idea Was about

seye: don’t you listen to our conversation in that video very well……

Me: what we gonna do about the conversation????

seye: you are not a man atall, can’t you just think for a way out with the conversation?

Me: what part are you talking about and what way out was that

seye: ok, tell fausa that you are not going to release mr.john and beside you have an evidence to sit in confirming that Mr. John was the one that killed mr.seye

me: but what if she ask about the evidence nko?

Seye: why are you so daft like this? Have you forgotten the conversation of you and mr.john that you recorded that time he was telling you about his accomplished mission and the proposed mission?

Me: chai, you have memory bro, i remember, but let me check it if i still have it..,

seye: pray you still have it o. because that’s the only proof for the side of my own case
….i checked every folders on my phone memory and my external memory but couldn’t find it…..

Me: haaaaa, i’m doom, i never see it ooo…..what can we do??

Seye: can you now see that you are really daft,…. how could you delete such, even if I really die so i will just die in vain like that? You won’t use such proof to claim and fight for my death…….oga o…you didn’t even recorded it intentionally, it was your phone that recorded it for you automatically

me: am very sorry about that please let forget about that and let discuss on what to do next

seye: i have no idea again o

me: but what about the idea you have for this ongoing matter

seye: until you find the audio……

Me: haaaaa. which kind wahala be this again…
..,….oh am coming let me check the memory card i used on this phone before….i went inside and i came out with the memory card.,.. i check all the folders and I later found it at a hiding folder embedded in a major folder

me: yeah, i finally found it guy…what is the next step?

seye: ode (fool) you will tell your wife that she has failed this time and blabla……,
………..seye uploaded my head with the greatest idea I am gonna use to defeat fausa…,.

Me: infact am so happy to have someone like you as my friend, but what about our conversation you pointed out in the video????

seye: this is what you gonna say…,……seye told me everything and i became a warrior facing an enemy…,…
…Before we finished our plan….,.i saw my phone ringing and it was fausa..,.. I picked it up and we started like this

me: hello aya johnu

fausa: lol why are you playing with your life? Everybody had already knew you are the one that killed flora along with the labour help of your friend……so are you toying me?

Me: lol toying you for what?

Fausa: the police never allow me to bail my husband

me: then goto hell

fausa: lol, no problem watchout For SAS police’s visitor tomorrow and mind you they have been watching over your surrounds incase you wanna run away..,

Me: ‘within myself’
+++police ke+++
++++is this girl serious?+++
++or should I surrender????++
+++should I follow my friend’s idea??++
++what if it doesn’t work???????++
++ Am I not going to be rot in jail????????+++
+++why fausa is doing all this to me????+++
+++is it a crime to love a woman heartedly????+++
+++am I mad??????+++
++++what did I even love in fausa self????++++
+++A nothing but a slot who use her whole life to serve me with S£x inorder to make my relationship with seyi (the love of my life) be gone ………though she succeeded but she had sold all her dignity and pride for me for free++++++++ I think she is…+++++
@@ fausa Cut in@@

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