Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 6

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Fausa: mr. Man??? Are you there????? What is it do you want now??????? Release my husband or an affair with police men?????

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me: well you can do your worse.., and if you don’t fast about it, i may transfer your husband for SAS to handle.,.. so go fast.,.

Fausa: what do you think you are doing? Do you wanna deny the video or what??

me: anything you call it but i know i will win you.,……chat me on bbm
…..i hung up and switch to bbm….

Seye: that’s my boy, you talked brave….

Me: why won’t i? I have the sword in my hand now… ,so gbagbe (forget)
**bbm conversation**
fausa: what do you have to deny your face and seye’s in the video???????..,

me: many things….

Fausa: ok..oooooo am all ears

me: firstly, mr.john will suffer for seye’s death because i still have the records of our phone conversation about how he killed seye and how he planned to rape you then, this is my evidence to escort him to jail or probably to death ..,……and to that of the video you have with you ….you can say anything about me concerning the video but all what i know about the video was that, you were the one that killed flora and paid us to help you dig a grave for you to bury her, you lied to us that she is your sister and both of you were chasing out of your father’s house after his death while your sister died on the road during your adventures from your state to abeokuta.,……and we accepted to do it for you because we were poor student, a chronic hustlers who was looking for all means to pay our school fees then, and didn’t want to engage ourselves into any anticrime work and because of this we do any doable work inorder to get money because we have no hope and we must not be withdrawn from school…….,….

Fausa: haaaaaaaa you can lie for world

me: what lie are you talking about? Are you trying to deny the story?????? Was it not you that paid us???? Before you can make anything funny to let us down…I have an evidence to proof that you sent us the work and also that you are the one that killed flora, you just lied to us………… Check the video and listen to it very well, can’t you hear where seye called you
‘madam, please hold this thing for us till will finish’ and where i called your name;
”fausa please watch around for us”
and also where you said;
”please be fast about this, I must not be caught here ooooo…….
while I cut in……;
“Were you the only one here?”
“And you replied ‘am sorry just that am scared”

fausa: haaaaaaaaaa,..,..but

me: but what, don’t let me deceive you i have already made the statement in the current station where your husband is
…………She was muted for like 10mins without replying to my message………

Me: you have stopped messaging me right?????? I pity how your life will be after my prosecution toward the execution of your husband……….I pity your kids…….but there is no going back for me……I must carry on…or else you……
+++i stopped like that inorder for her to give a reply ………after 15mins she replied

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