Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 8

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……….NO job! NO job!! NO job!!….wetin man go do???
After some month i didn’t hear anything about fausa and her family again and I let go of her out of my memory and any other ladies including seyi, I was focusing on how to get a job..,.. i hunted, hunted and hunted for job but never see one..,….,.
On the 2nd of august of this particular year, i heard that one big organization in lagos was recruiting people and I applied as a suitable post to my profession…..thank God i was chosen among those that will come for interview on the following monday…,….,i told seye about this and we prepared for the interview, he gave me enough money for the preparation, i bought a luxurious shirt and trouser with a suit and headed to the company on that monday.,….we were checked at the entrance by the securities with many gadgets and we were gathered at one conducive beautifully decorated room, what surprised me the most was the drinks that were served to all of us as many as we are… how possible as many as applicants that came to seek for job would be served with meal or drinks??? This action scared me and I felt like to stand up and leave the place before my head will be taken for ritual……….we were atleast upto 500 and only 35 are needed among us..,…..,.we waited for like 5hrs before the chairlady arrived, some have already left the place willingly and some were sent away due to their ways of comportment and endurance. we were almost left with just 300+… I almost shrunk where I sat when I saw the chairlady approaching the waiting lot……,…the chairlady arrived and addresses us before we will be getting inside her office for one-on-one interview.. i wanted to shout her name but i avoided an embarrassment. i cautioned myself to be remained silent, guess who this might be?
I saw the girl with a full of respect in a very expensive gown that even a wife of a governor may not afford (lol) due to it scarcity……..she was damn pretty more than I saw her before……she spoke to us with all respect and everybody were eager to meet her one-on-one in the interview room……meanwhile only 35 people are need among the population of the remaining 300+ applicants…………..many thought began to flow my head —-should I shout her name, so that I can get help inorder to be chosen among the 35 because am very sure atleast 25 might have been selected before through connection from above…..am I going to be among the remaining 10…??????????
“….hmmmmmm alabi don’t think of it, you can never be chosen, the best thing for you now is to show yourself to her….let her know you are here seeking for job under her power……….may be she may reconsider to retain you among those that gona be chosen, and by then God may answer your prayer toward her….” “……….hummmmnnnnn, don’t lemme get myself embarrassed in public like this, let it be in private when it get to my turn for one-on-one oral interview with her……………………”

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