Fausa Eleja season 4 episode 9

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Seyi ended her addressing words with a prayer for us inorder to fall among the lucky ones…………..the statement made me laugh, whether we all answer the prayer with “amen” or not, almost all people here will be sent back home………they need only 10, that’s the leakage secret we have heard………..she left us and we were given number according to the time of our arrival, this was easily be traced through the record they keep from us as we enter the reception in the morning…….I fell to number 201……….chai, I begin dey pray and thinking where I sat…….
“God,,, where are your eyes? Please help me to touch seyi’s mind prior the time it get to my turn,,,,,, she must not get furious, she must not reject me oh lord….let her give me this job baba.. and let her consider me back in her life if possible, i believe there is nothing impossible for you to do…because you are the father of fathers who are at the heaven…….thank you that you have heard…in jesus mighty name I prayed????????”
Anybody among you ‘the readers’ that loves me should help me shout a bigger AMEN (lol)
……….I finished praying and I started fishing out some fact I can use to seek for seyi’s forgiveness and mercy on the tiles floor that show back the image of opposite object…….. By 4:35pm in the evening, it never get to my turn, and when the time clocked 5:00pm seyi said she was tired and the remaining applicants should show up the following day while the lucky ones will be contacted after the overall interview……meanwhile the last number seyi attended to was number 195 while I was number 201…………chai, what kind of thing is this??????? Why can’t she attend to me before getting tired? Or should I ask for an audience with her?????? Humnn the securities won’t allow me,,,,,, is better I leave now and come back tomorrow……
…….I left the place for house and I told seye everything my eyes saw today,,,,,, he was shocked to hear the news but he wasn’t that surprise too much because she had knew how rich seyi was before. but didn’t know she was the owner of the company………

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Me: ore (friend) do you think seyi can give me this job??????

Seye: no one can predict anything in favour to your question,,,,,, because if we should think about it, you really made this girl to have an extended and not nuclear suffering back in the days in school…..

Me: I knew, but answer my question

Seye: I can’t say, all you need now is prayer because I heard that the least salary of a worker in that firm is 65 thousand naira….that means the least salary we were talking about are paid among the cleaners, driver, securities and other workers with low qualification.
….so in prediction to the salary for a graduate will not be anything less than 200 thousand naira

Me: haaaaaaaaaa temi bami (am doom) I mustn’t lose this job…….I must get this job………++++crying++++

Seye: do you need to cry?????? No …..what you need now is prayer
@@@Throughout the day I didn’t eat, I gave myself a willing fasting with a powerful prayer, moreso, I didn’t step outside the house throughout the day…..
The next day is here, …. I went to the office the following day with fasting and prayer within myself without a minute brake……….on getting to the entrance of the office by 6:45am,,,,I have met the half of the applicants…..meanwhile we were asked to show up by 8:00am… lolssssssss, are these people not sleep atall?????? Lolssss,,,what about me too???????……..I walked into the office which looks like a paradise or aso rock……..I went straight to the receptionist to claim my number……..and to claim a tally for my position as an applicant ……………the lady asked for my name, I told her and she scanned through the list….but to my surprise something silly happened…..is this a spell????????????????????

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