Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 10

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……I thought a phone fell from tolu’s hand all the way from her side in the bedroom……., so i hastily look back to accomplished my mission on amoke’s breast…..but by the time I turned back, amoke had already put them back inside the bra,,,,,,I moved to her and I instructed her not to move a inch, I brought the two oranges out of their cage and felt how soft and firm they were, with my two hands, she stopped me and have them back in her bra, and she ran away from me, by this time I have had a full loaded in my jakapot……like seriously, the amount of the fluid that had ready to comes out of my penis is going to sustain the entertainment of 20 visitors if it happen to be milk or juice……………chai this girl left in anger and in a disrespectful manner…..what’s gonna happen next???? No more respect??????
…………the following day, amoke was in the kitchen cooking but only in her just bombshot and just a white underwear………I tiptoed to her in the kitchen and I grabbed her breast from behind. i started manipulating them in a toasting and romantic voice placing very close to her hearing, I was at the same time jacking my penis flatted in between her two booty, she was trying to free herself but I wouldn’t let her go……….she managed to freed and I also left the kitchen immediately to avoid embarrassment……………every night I used to sneak into her room and spy through the key hole space at the door handle……sometimes she may be on only pant with no bra, but if you see her breast!!!!!!!!!! You will pray to be sentenced to life imprisonment if the both breast happen to be a prisonyard …………..and sometimes she would be under blanket or wrapper…………….but this particular night I went to spy through the door’s handle, I was totally surprise with my eyes…….

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