Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 11

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I didn’t see anybody on the bed. I searched everywhere in the house finding her, I went to the kitchen, I didn’t see her….I went to the backyard, I didn’t see her……I went to the sitting room, I didn’t see her, I sat on the sofa for a while thinking were she might be……I later stood up and went back to her room……and it was around 12:30am after I confirmed my wife had already gone asleep……..amoke wasn’t still in bed, but I could see her pant, bra on the bed……………
Where this girl is?????????, is there anybody in this room with her, where can she be with her pant on the bed????? I opened her door and thank God the door was not locked like it normally was before…..I sneaked in and I heard a sound of water splashes on the ground, telling me someone is there in the bathroom bathing, that means she was bathing…..I quickly stood behind the door, watching her nakedness through the door key hole. yeeeehhhhh you won’t imagine how my body was shaking, you won’t dearly bear by looking at all these things my eyes was seeing,,,,, I can’t even say it all, but the little I would say might even sound as an exaggeration but just take it as a truth………..she was damn clean and sexy, her boobs was damn firm and fresh dancing up and down, left and right and sometimes in zigzag direction while she was bathing, likewise her booty…….her toto was well shaved, clean and neat.. something amazed me to the end of my believe……after some bath she was playing with her things, she grabbed her boobs, smooching and also tip tapping the nipples while water were still running on them, she switched to her clit and started rubbing the labia, moving her hand to the vulva and finally digged in her middle finger inside her kit…she was digging it so strongly,,,,,, she digged and was screaming so hillarious……this made me got so hurny and I went to the main door and locked the door, I off my cloths and went naked still stood at the toilet door waiting for her to come out………..she finally emerged from the loo unclad hoping to come out for her dressing, because her unders are there on her bed and I thought she wanted to come to her room to pick up something to help her to use digging the kit instead of finger as well,,,, she met me naked and she saw my long muscular erected dick moving to and fro like a wall watch pendulum,,,……….she was so carried away with the size of the penis because no woman we see this and won’t wish to taste it…..robot, long, fresh and has a fresh veins surrounds………..she looked into my eyes in a tempted look and wanted to say something “what are”…. Before she could landed… I moved closer to her, I hugged her so tight, brought my mouth to her breast, suck suck, and she doesn’t restricted by this time, she was going downward and we heard gbaaaaaaammms

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