Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 13

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………………..I discovered something at a particular period that tolu didn’t free me atall, she gave me thorough marking, she followed me everywhere I go, so I never have the chance to sex amoke at that period………one evening I was damn thirsty of amoke’s kittycat……….I called her name harshly from the sitting beside tolu where i sat and I asked her what I ordered her to give one of my colleague that stay at an estate not far to our house……… and like seriously the girl played along without been rehearsed.

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Me: where is the form I asked you to give to mr kola??????

Amoke: I have dropped it for one of his maid when I didn’t meet him at home

Me: how dear you do that………I just wanted him to sign and you should bring it back to me..that’s all

Amoke: please sir, I don’t know

Me: I must use this thing tomorrow in the office and the man is travelling early tomorrow morning….(heavy tone)

Tolu: then what you wanna do now

Me: quickly goto his house now and bring the form to me now (heavy tone) pointing to amoke

Tolu: haaaaaa it is dark already now, even they won’t allow pedestrian again at the estate by this time, only cars would be allowed

Me: haaaaaa ooooohhhhh God…..that means I have no choice than to go myself….dear…..*talking to tolu*

Tolu: should I follow you????

Me: if you like ………..@before she could stand from her seat@……….. but we will still need to take this yeye girl along because we don’t know the person she gave the form to

Tolu: you are right oooooo but how are we three going to leave the house at a time???

Me: what do you think we can do now?????

Tolu: May be we should locked the door or what do you think????

Me: but is it necessary three of us should go????may be I should wait and both of you should go there

Tolu: haaaaaa so you don’t love me ahbi???????????two females outside the street by this time of the night

Me: may be you should stay then….let I and amoke quickly go there………..

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