Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 14

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…..We took our leave and got into the car………our street is always silent….we haven’t left the gate before amoke has plucked out my prick out from the trouser and started sucking,,,,,,”jizzz” this girl is damn chai”.. I was feeling the present life I was at that moment,,,,it was like I have never had such a pleasure from any woman before…..that very moment was like I was no more on earth, its looked like I was in another planet or in paradise,,,,the sucking increase harder with an additional strength emitted by amoke….this girl was damn good…………I was just driving like a drunkard…”so this girl is already in thirsty of my jawama”
….we got to a silent and secured environment, I packed to a semi corner area in the street and I asked her to seat ontop my prick in a cow girl style while she obeyed and was going to and fro jacking and driving her clit so harder above my laps,, when I noticed she has been showing a sign to cum,,,I quickly pull out my dick and I push her away from my lap……..I released the resting part of the chair from its hook……I positioned amoke in a face down direction, her bombom clapping and pointing the roof of the car….I went ontop the booty and started banging making the sound of @pla-tru-pla, pla-tru-pla….@, I could feel the dancing of the car as well moving up and down,,, I didn’t know why I wasn’t satisfied with both styles we have done, I never cum atall, I opened the driver side door and I positioned amoke in a doggy style holding the car door,, I was about to cum fucking much harder while I noticed a beem of a car’s light from another corner adjacent to ours,,, I quickly withdrew my penis and pull it out from amoke’s holly home…..the semen that were almost near the utmost layer of the urethra of my penis just came out in uncontrollable manner and splashes to amoke’s top and little on her skirt also to my trouser and shirt, it was that junction I remembered that we have a time watching by someone toward us………I quickly told her also when it got to a time I noticed we have been on the show for more than one hour……….we left for house and I thought tolu must have went for bed but she was still there waiting for us, I am looking so rough and smelling…..I didn’t know how to explain myself when gotten home………..we took our leave in fear of tolu and we finally got home………. We knocked from outside….
……………tolu hastily arose from her seat and walked toward us to open the door……

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Tolu: baby what happen??? Why did you late???? And what happened to your cloth like this?????and beside what sort of smelling am I perceiving??????

Me: chai mogbe ooooooooo, see questions

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