Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 16

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“All of the ladies nowadays are damn equal” “this abuja ladies also proofed it to me” later I chose to be a good man because am now getting older, now I’m in the middle of 40th……………I decided to go home twice a month because have missed amoke’s clit…………..I discovered anytime I went home, I hardly have a parttime sex with amoke talkless of fulltime unless I drug tolu………………so I decided to stay in abuja and be coming once in three months……..

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One evening after work, the house was too bored to me and I chose my phone to browse the net, no one is online, even seye too wasn’t online……but I was happy I saw suzzie my run away sexchat mate online
+++then I begin dey chat with her

Me: sup my clit

Suzzie: hey my prick, longtime

Me: where have you been????

Suzzie: am sorry to tell you that I’m married

Me: heya congratulation..@upon all those rubbish and prostitution this girl undergoes, she still got someone she married to…oga oooooo such is life and whom doesn’t do rubbish at their own time find it difficult to have a good home@…………….. but why didn’t you invited me to your wedding ceremony?

Suzzie: because I know you are a bad guy

Me: lol how do you know what I would have done to you in the presence of the congregation?

Suzzie: what you gonna do with that your small prick

Me: me??small prick????? How I wish you invited me, na for that people’s presence I go dey start fucking you beside your so called husband

Suzzie: how much is your body??????? See you

Me: like seriously I wish I could see you one day, where are you self?……….

Suzzie: I’m at home but I have an assignment to execute in abuja in two days time, so I am travel to abuja tomorrow

Me: wooow that’s great, I’m in abuja right now am chat with you

Suzzie: are you serious??????

Me: like seriously,

Suzzie: but you told me the other time that you are in abeokuta

Me: yap that was where I schooled and I have my family in lagos but right now I have been transferred to abuja as a branch acting manager

Suzzie: can’t wait to see you then, you won’t believe my husband also schooled in funaab

Me: @”my husband also schooled in funnab” who would that be?????@

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