Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 20

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…….. I have an important call and I chose to pick it before I could accept his handshake ….

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Me: but when did he arrive?????

Tolu: he arrived to Nigeria yesterday but he just came to my house in some couples of hours ago……………..

Me: heyah that’s good….

Tolu: honey let me take the bag inside

Me: don’t worry, I will soon be leaving at any moment from now because I came for a purpose

Tolu: I see, that’s why you didn’t inform me of your coming

Me: yeap, its an urgent thing………

Tolu: alright……….
..”I could see a sign of relief in her eyes likewise the so called brother……I notice she wasn’t comfortable on her seat…..she was just shaking where she sat beside me….she wanted to stood up and take a leave to the bedroom and that was why she asked to help with my bag… she later forwarded an excuse

Tolu: baby, I have something I was doing in the kitchen before you arrived,

Me: so you won’t stay by me little before I take my leave????

Tolu: Not like that now…….
@thank God the kitchen is beside the sitting room.@

Me: no problem you can go but me too wanna ease myself……+I guessed something must there inside she wanted to go first and cleared before I could go in…..so I changed my mind and I told them I wanted to go and ease myself+……I went inside and went straight into our bedroom, what I saw shocked me almost to death………………..

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