Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 21

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I saw many used tissue papers on the floor, it was damn many…….and also both male and female panties are on the bed….that means tolu and her so called brother have been having sex together not just once today but I could remember she said he just came to the house today……how come male pants are many?????………….I didn’t show any sign of discomfort………I left the house that day and got back to abuja……..but I notice I didn’t see amoke again in the house…………what has happened to this girl????????where is she??????? I don’t know neither I see someone to answer me….I must find out about amoke……I put a call to tolu but she didn’t pick the calls until it reaches 7times……….

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Tolu: hello dear (tired voice)

Me: how are you?

Tolu: am fine and how was your trip

Me: it was fine…..but you sound so dull and somehow unhealthy, what happen??

Tolu: nothing now, I am fine,

Me: I knew you so much, this is not your real voice…….you produces this particular voice whenever you are tired of house work or whenever we have a strong sex together………so tell me what happen

Tolu: (she laugh) you are not serious, then are you there with me to sex me????? My brother left 30minute after you left, so I have been sleeping all alone since then, and beside I slept after I finished some house work

Me: some house work??????? What happen to amoke???????

Tolu: don’t mind that yeye girl jare…….

Me: what happen to her?????

Tolu: I discovered she was pregnant…………

Me: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She what???

Tolu: she was pregnant

Me: then what had she done to it??????

Tolu: do to it as in?????

Me: did she aborted it??????

Tolu: no

Me: did she tried to terminate it???

Tolu: noooo, why are you so worried about the pregnancy? Do you owns the pregnancy???????????

Me: chai (mogbe) I don talk enter this girl’s hand

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