Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 22

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Me: no now am just asking for asking sake ni now

Tolu: then tell me why you are so concern if she tried to abort it….

Me: don’t you know, am doing that for your sake??????

Tolu: for my sake or what did I just heard????

Me: yes now…….has she confessed who is responsible?

Tolu: that was the reason why I sent her out of the house….

Me: but you suppose not to now…..how would you do such a thing without my consent???

Tolu: am sorry for that, but it seems there is something between you guys

Me: what do you mean?????

Tolu: if not, how would you be so concern about the pregnancy that much?

Me: haaaaaaaa not what you are thinking now……I was asking you such question for your own safe…….don’t you know if she do abortion or use drug to terminate the pregnancy and if works negatively for her, don’t you know you gonna be victim of that?

Tolu: are you kidding me??????

Me: that’s the fact…..

Tolu: hummmnnnn thank God have sent her out, anything she wanted to do to it, she can go out to go ahead

Me: but…

Tolu: but what??????

Me: but I think we still need to find her whereabout, because we gonna pay for her absence too.

Tolu: I have settled everything about that, so let just forgo anything about that stupid girl

Me: ok ooooooooooo, you did well dear…we will talk later dear, take care……+hung up+

“Chai this girl called tolu is a confirmed lunatic, how could she do such thing without my approval, if she did, I will know how will play the game, am very sure I am the owner of the pregnancy…….oh God, please let this girl keep this pregnancy…………I must find all means to get this girl…………..”

………….The relationship between bissme and I is now immeasurable, we are a great giver to each others, bissme was damn sweet and bad on bed, I really like her and I began to develop some feeling for her.

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