Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 26

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I met her again in the bedroom weeping so heavily, “what might be wrong with this girl????? Has she failed her papers?????even if she passed the exam, I will also query the lecturer because she is a kind that doesn’t care about education all she care for is dick” does she pregnant for me???????????what might be wrong with her????””””

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Me: hello dear…..what happen to you??@I moved close to her and I cuddled her from back??why are you crying???????

Bissme: she hurriedly cleanse up her face but there was no way she could escape the tears on her eyes………I am fine

Me: baby, you are not fine…….tell me what is wrong……

Bissme: like seriously, I am verily fine

Me: bissme, its been like 4 to 6 month we have been together, so I think I have known half about you, and I could deduced from your reaction this evening that something terribly had happened

Bissme: nothingggg@she started crying again@

Me: baby…..please tell me, I’m now like a husband to you, and that makes every gossips against us standstill……….. Baby tell me now, I will do everything for you………….

Blissme: I went to the hospital today and I, and I, and i…………

Me: you what????please speak out……are you pregnant or what??????@what could it be?????could it be a pregnancy test result or hiv test result????@@if na hiv test, omo ah don die be that oooooooooo@ please darling what happen??????

Bissme: I ,,,,I,,,,, am…………I went there and the doctor spoke with me

Me: what does he said???? Talk now…please stop scaring me….

Bissme: baby do you love me????

Me: @what is this again????? Do we have any agreement on dating or what does this mean??? Haven’t i tell her that i have my family in lagos or what is she upto??@……. yes I do, I love you so much

Bissmee: but why haven’t you propose to me since all this days

Me: @what’s the meaning of this? is this a trick to woo me????????what can I call it???is she trying to woo me herself or what????@ ……….you know I told you I have my family in lagos, and even if I wish to have second wife, we gonna talk about that formally, and moreso, I have not known any of your parent yet.

Bissme: hmmmmmmmmmm(still crying) baby I love you so much but

Me: but what? Quickly tell me please

Bissme: nothinggggg…. I am just…….

Me: just what now…..what did you go to do in the hospital?

Bissme: I went to……I received call that my mum was in comma and we need to deposit some money

Me: is that what causes you this crying??????

Bissme: no/yes….. you can’t understand

Me: then put me understand now

Bissme: what happen is that, I have no dad and that’s the only parent I have now……..(twisting and shaking voice)

Me: how much is the money????????

Bissme: ehnnnnmmm ehm #500,000,

Me: don’t worry, I will forward it to your account first thing tomorrow morning

Bissme: thanks sir….she rose up, hug and peck me…..I love you..thanks for being there for me……

@does this girl have another thing in mind except this???there wasn’t full changes from the state I met her and to the state she carried throughout that day after I solved her problem@

Me:….Can we goto the hospital together?????

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