Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 28

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I met tolu carrying an approximately a 6-7 month old pregnancy………this surprises me too much and I started calculating the last time we had sex last………..I’m very sure I’m not the owner………she came to open the door for me and she embraced me…..

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Tolu: I didn’t know you are coming, why a sudden notice this days?????

Me: am sorry dear, I was trying your number but not reachable for the past 3days….

Tolu: hunmmmmm welcome anyways!

Me: @chai this girl don spoil my show….@”where does she get this pregnancy from???????@@was I the one that did it????” @not me….@ ………….dear what is this?????”Pointing to her belly when we got in”………

Tolu: as you can see, am carrying your baby…..

Me: my baby???????? Are you sure of this??????

Tolu: baby now, you supposed to be happy now, aren’t this what we have been looking for????why all this looks on your face???????

Me: can I see the result of the test you did??????

Tolu: @she went inside and brought out the result…….I could see a six months old pregnancy@ here is it dear

Me: @gazing at it curiously,@ this is not for me…….where do you get this???????tell me the truth…(Heavy tone)

Tolu: what are you talking about?????? Aren’t you my husband?????

Me: this can not be me

Tolu: then is your sperm can’t form a child?????????

Me: tolu tell me the truth, I never had sex with you for the past 8months and even more, so where did you get 6months pregnancy from………?

Tolu: you this impotent, you better go find a powerful pastor to pray for you, I have confirmed it now that the problem is from you, now you can see me carrying another man’s baby (change being to me)

Me: what!!!! (Eyes change) did I just hear you clearly??????

Tolu: do you want to beat me???????you can do nothing…….we both owns this house and beside my money is more than yours on this particular house, so you can never dictate to me………

Me: so you lied that the man I saw on that day was your brother while he happened to be the father of your unborn child right?….

Tolu: and then??????

Me: no problem, thanks for everything, I really appreciate your contribution to my life………..but I can never forgive you and I’m going to collect my money from you

Tolu: who owe you money

Me: didn’t I have anything in the building of this house??????

Tolu: didn’t I also serve you since we coupled??????

Me: we shall see…………

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