Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 3

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…….I saw seye online for the past 5years ago we have contacted each others last……I quickly forwarded a chat message to him and he hurriedly answer me hasty with pleasure…..

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Me: ore (friend) why are you doing like this?

Seye: bado of life……how are you over there?

Me: don’t ask me how I am,,,,,you just abandoned me just like that!

Seye: I am very sorry, the work here is not easy

Me: do you think I can sustain my living without you?

Seye: don’t say that again……you are a man like I am

Me: I know but we have individual differences

Seye: sure you are right, so how is work?

Me: thank God oooooooo, but did i just heard you say “it is not easy”????

Seye: lol, you are funny, I won’t lie to you, ghana is not easy oooooo

Me: haaaaaaaa seye!!!!! But like I heard how riches you are, I didn’t expect you to be complaining

Seye: am I complaining?????? I am not, but I’m just trying to clear things out

Me: clear what????? Don’t let me hear that atall

Seye: don’t mind me jare

Me: good, how is your wife????

Seye: she dey oooo

Me: and your son????

Seye: he is fine, infact he is now in secondary school, and also my daughter is now in primary 2

Me: @what!!!!!!! “”So seye is now a father of two children? What have I done wrong? Why me?????see person wey dey do runs pass me In school days dey enjoy life now…and me wey no do any runs dey suffer atleast a child to be called mine……why do God do his things like that????? Person wey use all her pressure time to do olosho for school go still manage to have a good rich man as husband and person wey dey do holy holy “na me and my study” go dey suffer husband and no go see rich man for her life” though some olosho girls were using for rituals during the process and some dey suffer husband while other contracted diseases but to my own wishes, e be like sey make all oloshos kuku suffer for their life for been corrupting the nation…….but God no dey do im thing like that” seye wey dey sample different bikini, different potfolio different miniami, still dey manage good home, good wife and having children, but what about me ? Wey only stay with fausa with all my days and still dey suffer good home and not even a child….oga ooooooooo@

Seye: what about yours??

Seye: bros

Seye: are you there

Seye: you no chat me again?

Seye: wetin happen now?

Seye: madman

Me: bro, ah beg no vex jare, na this woman dey scare me jare, na she dey tell me say something dey talk like human being for our backyard

Seye: human being????? Shey na only two of you dey inside ni???

Me: yes now

Seye: your children nko

Me: bro you won’t believe it ooooooooo, she never pregnant for a night since we got married oooooooo

Seye: haaaaaaa wetin happen na? Shey FAUSA or SEYI

Me: you sick?????? You don forget tolu wey I married before you travel?

Seye: I never knew about the marriage jur, na that time I left with suzzie now……

Me: @suzan!!!!! Rang in my brain, sounded familiar@ oooohhhh that’s right, so how is suzan

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