Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 4

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Seye: she is fine

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Me: bro ah don miss you ooooo

Seye: me too I swear, but hwfa about seyi and fausa????

Me: let just bury anything about fausa for now,,,,I don’t think we can meet again

Seye: don’t say that again…..you shall meet again, and she may ask for the second chance

Me: you dey craze???? Wetin be second chance???? Who go give am????????

Seye: forget, you fit consider her again. Shey be na you! Abi no be alabi wey I sabi weller?

Me: ah beg no lemme curse una ooooooo

Seye: haaa haaa alaye kila gbe kileju now?

Me: let forget about fausa for now na seyi my mind they sing for now

Seye: what if seyi come back and ask to marry you, what you gonna do?????

Me: I will be so glad

Seye: what about tolu???

Me: but she doesn’t have a child now

Seye: that means you gonna have two wives?

Me: hummmmnnnnn na only God knows but seyi had really suffered and tried for me. And I have sworn down to do everything she wants for her

Seye: hummmmnnn I understand

Me: hope you knew how seyi help me with my job,

Seye: yes I did

Me: you won’t believe I never see her again since that time, I went to her office but another man is now managing the company

Seye: what do you think might have happened to her?

Me: don’t know, but I guessed she might have gone back to her husband in U.K

Seye: alright, don’t you have her local and international lines?

Me: I only have her local line and its not going through

Seye: heyah but what about fausa??? Haven’t you hear anything about her since that time??????

Me: I never oooooooooo…..infact her mother is no more staying at the house her dad rented for them at that time again, I don’t know what is happening to them again ooooooo

Seye: hunmmmnnn, I think they were fine………

Me: I pray so

Seye: you still dey pray for fausa upon all the miseries she brought to your life?

Me: hummmnnn though she brought to me many incurable pains but I thank God the life am living now, though I might have become the president or governor of elsewhere if atall I didn’t broke up with seyi but I still thank God for the life am living now…so bro let forget about them

Seye: ok oooooooooo a good Samaritan

Me: you won’t believe something if I should tell you about what seyi passed through, and all what I caused to her with my request of breaking up then….

Seye: what was it????

Me: @ I explained everything to him@ I even told him how she acted flagrant but it was flair to break the remaining bond that is there between us inoder for her to get pregnant in her husband home…………

Seyi: hope you use condom?????

Me: condom?????? We never use it oo….we just did it how we were instructed to do it…so no condom ooooooooooooo..why do you ask?????,

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