Fausa Eleja season 5 episode 6

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Seye: then why can’t you suggest a girl from village, you can get a chronic village girl or plan with anybody you wish to work with to disguise as a village girl.

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Me: ooooohhhhh, that’s right, but what if she decline nko???

Seye: am very sure she will buy the idea

Me: you are a great brainy, that’s why I missed you so much

Seye: lol

Me: like seriously I really missed your brain, and idea

Seye: forget jur………….do as I said

Me: I will give it a try, but I pray it works

Seye: sure she must buy the idea,,,,,, bro, I will be stopping here, time to sleep

Me: aiit bro.. till when again?…..

Seye: just “hi” me whenever you want us to chat….this is my new bbm 7AA95C46

Me: ok here is mine ……..@ we exchange pins and we started chatting on bbm, whatsapp and facebook again@

We ended the conversation and we slept that night, the following day was weekend and I called my wife to discuss the issue of village maid with her

Tolu: who told you village girl no dey snatch person’s husband

Me: haaaaa toluuuu, village girl snatching husband??????, where did you hear that one

Tolu: na them use juju pass anybody in the term of snatching

Me: forget jur, we no go go the egbeji village (spiritual village) to pick up a maid……

Tolu: ok! Do you have one we can adopt????

Me: not atall but you can discuss that with your friends

Tolu: how many do I have???????????

Me: lol..don’t mind me jawe, but let discuss it with mama legba at the outside road may be she can help us….

Tolu: ok oooooo I will do that

…………Tolu went to seek for mama legba’s help in searching for a village maid……..
Thank God! after 3weeks mama legba brought us a girl to be called a confirmed village girl, come see how this girl dress, an office skirt with a native top and also she make-up like a statue that was decorated at the middle of the road,,,,,,,,,,,she was really a chronic village girl…………but her assets was damn bad,,,,,,,,she got a round onion booty with fresh firmed boobs….I could vividly be confused she was a virgin because all these assets speaks it all…………….those attractive assets made my wife to call my attention toward her looks

She called me to one corner…..

Tolu: darling don’t you think this girl is too older than our expectation???

Me: this one is ok now………..atleast we need someone that will render us the best and full service in the house so how do you expect little girl to serve us all

Tolu: I knew but don’t you think this one is too

Me: too what now???? Ok go and tell mama legba to take her back……am off this matter……@pretending to take quit@

Tolu: ok dear, take it easy now,,,,,how do you expect me to go to mama legba and say such a thing????

Me: then do you want me to do so????

Tolu: ok have heard let just accept the girl

……We both thanks mama legba and we paid her for her service,,,,,,we obtained some necessary information from the girl but she was too dull and sluggish…………though with her inner looks she was damn pretty with those assets but mere looking at her outer looks, she was the ugliest girl ever…….though am very sure if she was tooshed, I mean spoiled with money, she will be so prettier than even a president’s wife……………

……We are now living happily and with joy with the help of our new maid,,,,,,,, but each time I saw amoke’s booty and boobs I got madt…….they were damn mehnnnnnnnnnnnn……but if I tried to do something funny, am gonna be in serious problem ….so I decided to act harshly to the girl in the house mostly at tolu’s presence………tolu mostly calm me to be good to the girl for once, doesn’t know what I was upto, she usually complains I do hash to her and it seems I hate her…….one day we are at the sitting room watching channels…………I called amoke to bring me water, on her way coming to the sitting room I started my dirty says thus:

Me: see! See! See!!!…………see how she dey walk sluggishly…..is that how a good girl supposed to be walking????see everything not matching each other……….is this how you will be presenting yourself in the presence of our quest while serving????????? I won’t take that from you…..see how you are smelling??????? Make sure you cover the water for me before you get here oooooo

……Immidiately she got to my table I frowned and change my face so irritating

Me: please just leave…+i shout+

………..She took her leave sluggishly while tolu interrupted

Tolu: but why did you hate this girl??????

Me: I didn’t but

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