Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 10

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Fausa: hello alabi!

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Me: yes fausa

Fausa: please tell me the envelopes you dropped in the hospital is not for my daughter, please tell me…..

Me: didn’t you goto school????? Can’t you read the name on it and its for who else if I may ask???????

Fausa: you don’t need to talk to me in that manner, though the doctor also confirmed it to me and also she had testified to it herself too, but she said its just a recent, so are you also telling me you are responsible for the pregnancy(crying on phone)

Me: surely I am, and please tell her to go back to the doctor immediately she is fully recovered oooo because the doctor said there is something they can use to prevent the child from contracting the virus

Fausa: but

Me: but what?????? Weren’t you told I am not infected or is that not what you wanted to talk about???????

Fausa: yes the doctor said so, but how come????????

Me: that is God’s work………

Fausa: but alabi how could you have an affairs with me and my daughter in the first place??????

Me: did I know she is your daughter????please nothing must happen to the pregnancy ooooooooooo, tell her that

Fausa: please care no more about the foetus for now and let do something about bisodun

Me: which bisodun are you talking about????????is it that a whore bisodun which everybody knows you are talking about?????? Talk no more about her because everybody knows that HIV is a delicate virus that has no cure, so forget about her,

Fause: haaaaaaaa(crying) you can’t understand alabi please we need to talk and not on phone, when can we see please, please let see and talk this out.

Me: what are we talking about again,???? please just forget about me, hope you have another children sha?

Fausa: (weeping) •no response•

Me: let finalise everything here because I am not ready to listen to anything from both of you again till she bring me my own child…………bye……she wanted to say something but
—–i hung up——she couldn’t let me be, she keep calling my phone throughout the day but I didn’t pick it up and she keep trying my number throughout the week, everyday and night and I wouldn’t pick it up, one day, I sat down and thinking over everything again,
“why did she want us to see????”
“What is that thing we need to see and talk about??????”
“Should I goto her???or is she trying just to drag me to their house??????”
“Haaaaa alabi you must be wise, just leave these guys alone jare…………………….later the second day, I forwarded a chat to seye and he replied me, I was so happy atleast I would speak with a brain master at this junction

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