Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 11

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Me: bro where have you been now????

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Seye: just dey now

Me: what happen to your line yesterday,

Seye: I forgot my phone at home and the maid switched it off to avoid many calls flows…….

Me: it shouldn’t have been a day like yesterday such thing will happen jare

Seye: what happened yesterday??????

Me: bro many happened!

Seye: quickly tell me jur, are you a woman??????why perambulating?

Me: you won’t believe what I saw at the hospital that I took bissme to………

Seye: what was that

Me: I saw fausa again

Seye: did you just say fausa???????

Me: yes oooooooooooo, infact she came to visit the same person I brought to the hospital

Seye: are you kidding me????? What are you talking about???which same person was that?????

Me: you won’t believe that bissme was fausa’s daughter

Seye: you mean one of the pregnancies she had for mr.john is bissme or who?????

Me: yes oooooooooo
Seye: what is bissme real name?

Me: Bisodun! Why do you ask?

Seye: Nothing, I just ask…

Me: ok

Seye: haaaaaaaa this is serious oooooooo, what did you then do???

Me: bro wetin you think I fit do?

Seye: firstly, please don’t make any association with that fausa again ooooooooooo. I want you to remember everything she did to you……..and moreso, I discovered from my prophet that she is a witch and whoever that falls into her trap will find it so difficult to get off the trap

Me: haaaaaaaaaa but why didn’t you tell me all these and beside she called for a meeting with me.

Seye: because they said even if I tell you, you won’t listen, because whoever that is already in her trap will have a dump hears to whatever advice given to thee….please don’t accept to meet her ooooo.

Me: haaaaaaaaaa seye……..ok sha

Seye: so please get rid of everything that may connect you and fausa oooooo, she is a devil infact a solemn demon

Me: but what of this thing that has already joined us together!

Seye: what is that thing you are talking about?????????did you gave her your phone number?

Me: sure I did, but that’s not the fact, bissme is carrying my 11weeks pregnancy and I happened to be the father of the baby while fausa is my mother inlaw

Seye: haaaaaaaa this is serious oooooooo what do you now want to do

Me: I don’t know since yesterday ooooooooo

Seye: I will suggest may be you should forget everything about anyone of them once the one you called the mother of your child is already infected with HIV, so I think you should forget about the baby because there is no way it won’t be infected

Me: that was what I also doubted about, but the doctor assured that with the utmost usage of their prescription, the baby won’t be infected,

Seye: that’s how those doctor do says jare, just to use to calm you, that’s all, so I will advice not to go to them again and never let your path meet again

Me: but what about my baby, I have no child of mine ever since, so this is an opportunity for me, don’t even know if that will be the only child I will ever have in this life…

Seye: then are you gonna marry a daughter of your enemy, besides daughter of your ex??????? What name do you think you will bear with such thing that happened????by the way, which infected or virus were you talking about?????

Me: bissme was HIV positive

Seye: haaaaaa HIV what?????that means you are also infected

Me: I didn’t understand why mine was negative…….

Seye: no dey suzu me jur, it is clearly shown that you are also positive,

Me: I know you won’t believe me, just wait and let me upload you the result…….I snapped the result and I attached it to him, he was damn surprise

Seye: boy I can never believe this ooooo, how did you go about it????

Me: Can’t even say,

Seye: oooohhh boy wake up, it might be around that time you told me about a dream, you know you told me you are giving yourself a sex brake, and you told me you didn’t sex anybody for a roughly nine month, so it might be around that time she got infected?????

Me: ooohhhhhh you are guessing right bro, now I remember because they also said the infection is also recent, haaaaaaaa thank God I gave myself sex-brake ooooooo…..ori iya mi oshey oooooo

Seye: am happy for you bro but I will suggest to you to go for another test oooooooooooooo……but please don’t have any affairs with that fausa’s family again oooooooooooooooo try and forget the baby and get another lady outside there to born for you…..I know what I am talking about oooo……….

Me: what is that you are talking about

Seye: I heard that, fausa is a witch and she might cause disaster to someone’s life……..so please give a distance I beg

Me: ‘A witch???’ Ok, I hear you bro, I will go for another test..and I will give distance…..@is there something behind this issue seye was hidden from me????? Why is everything he could say is ‘don’t let your path with fausa meet again’…….I was still on chat with seye when I notice a beep of an incoming message from bbm,,,, I checked it and it was from bissme

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