Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 12

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Bissme: hello dear, please dear, I knew I have offended you, but please I want you to forgive me, I didn’t know this is how its going to be, I wouldn’t have engaged myself into prostitute business neither started from olosho……………I didn’t know it would have an end like this and turn my remaining life to sorrow though we did it just for fun and fashion, but I didn’t know this is how its will end, I was entices with ordinary 500k three month ago by an americana who lodged to an hotel not far to my school, I was connected by a friend and I left for the hotel that monday I left your house,,,,if you can remember the day I came back to your house crying on the same monday I left your house without notification for you, that was the day I went to hospital for a test, because after I finished with the man, I was feeling so weak after 3weeks, and I went to the hospital for test to confirm may be it was pregnancy, but unfortunately it was HIV positive, but I don’t know how to tell you, and that’s why I was trying to avoid you having sex with me and I lied my mummy was admitted to hospital…. Please forgive me, I love you with all my heart……. please I will make sure I delivered you the baby before I will chose to go to meet my father in the heaven……….. …because baba lara omo ni agbara gidi gan, (father’s cares is more powerful in children’s life) my mummy spoiled me to what I became………..

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Me: haaaaaaa, so it wasn’t your mother that was sick on that day????……..thank to God I gave myself a sex free during that time, it would have be another thing now. haaaaaa ori iyami o shey ooo…@hummmnnnn what goes around comes around…like mother like daughter@

Bissme: I am very sorry dear, had I know this’s how it gonna be, I wouldn’t have be a type of lady then…….

Me: its ok dear, just take care of yourself and take good care of the pregnancy, don’t try to commit any suicide, life still goes on, I heard that with the maximum intakes of the prescribed drug (ARV), you can still live long than even an uninfected being…….

Bissme: hmmmmmmm I heard you. just please give me an happiness that will make this child healthy, and promise me you will do everything I won’t wait to do for my baby……

Me: I will surely do that, that is surely my primary assignment and don’t worry I will be sending #50,000 to your account every month

Bissme: thanks but something was bothering me, my mummy told me that you guys knew each other, is it true?

Me: I think she is right

Bissme: but where?????? And what’s the relationship??????

Me: you will gat to know when the time comes

Bissme: why not now now, please tell me now

Me: don’t worry, you will soon find out………..bye dear…………….. I stop replying her and I off my data……..

That month, I sent 50k to bissme and I spoke with her on phone, but I continue pegging fausa’s calls………..I didn’t send anything the following month, 3months after, I have forgotten everything about fausa, bisodun and the pregnancy due to the pestering I got from seye every day…………but this faithful afternoon, I remembered that I have an unborn kid somewhere, but which I have failed to carryout my responsibility on, I never hear anything about the baby nor bissme again, I sent her message on bbm, whatsapp and call her number but all abortive, I put a call to fausa, and thank God she picked it up……

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