Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 13

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Me: hello

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Fausa: what can I do for you now OOOOOO?????

Me: fausa I’m sorry I failed to carry out my promised responsibility, it was due to my working schedule that was too tight this days………..and you won’t believe it, I have been assigned as a Gm of the company, so the tasks are too much for me only

Fausa: that you couldn’t remember you have a woman who was pregnant for you right?

Me: no now, not what you think, its just that…

Fausa: so its just that you heard something, and you call to confirm whether it was true or false right????

Me: what are you talking about????? What truth or false you are talking about?????? I don’t understand…….

Fausa: you wouldn’t understand! how would you????so you can now call me after you have killed your daughter along with the pregnancy she was carrying for you

Me: what are you talking about???? Which daughter are you talking about????? Is the foetus a girl or what are you saying????????please I don’t understand, try to clear things to me please, what has happened to my baby?????? What has happened to bissme also?????? Is there anything I was unaware of?????????is there anything that has happened to bissme during those time I wasn’t exhibiting my responsibility?????? Quickly tell me please………..I am now ready to do everything for the mother of my kid…………I am seriously ready to take good care of them including you……..

Fausa: hey enough, please just leave me alone, if you don’t know, you are a careless soft murderer and I have accepted everything that has happened between you and I or anybody else as my own fate…..never call me or look for me again……..she hung up

Me: (what is this about????? What does she means???? What might has happened to my baby????? What is happening?????? Why is she talking to me like this??????wait, is bissme my real daughter???????never, how would that be possible?????I need to call her back, I picked up my phone to call her back)

I redialed her number again and she wouldn’t pick up, I was alone in the house shivering and coldy, what might has happened to my baby???????Did bissme use drug to terminate the pregnancy? But why on earth could she do that?????what this woman was talking about????? Who is my daughter?????? Bissme or the pregnancy???????? Ooooooh God, what can I do now?????? And seye has warned me not to associate with any of them again!!!!and I couldn’t dearly seek for his advice again! Now I need to claim my baby…should I give a call to seye????? That won’t work out, because he had already warned me to stay away from them, and besides, without seye, can’t I do things on my own???????….also fausa is not helping the game atall, rather she was worsen things? What’s the meaning of what she just said??? Why could she decide not picking up my calls again????? What should I do??????? I must find a means of getting to their house…………….how will I locate their house?????? Who can help me out???????

I was just thinking how I am going to get the address to fausa’s house since I received the obituary from fausa in the afternoon…….
……when it was dark in the night, I was in bed where i couldn’t catch the sleep while I remembered a day when bissme send the description to their house to me on bbm……..I rose from the bed and I went to pick up my phone, I launched the bbm application and switch to our chats, I scrolled up the screen and couldn’t found the previous message, that means the application doesn’t keep histories………chai what can I do now?????

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