Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 18

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………….I alighted from the car and went to a nearby phone boot…….it was a frosh toosh lady I saw selling cards and making calls in the boot, the girl was damn sexy and beautiful, her beauty looks farther sophisticated than that of queen of the state or even the president’s wife……………………..
But her ways of expression and her intonation was confirm local champion………………I walked to her and I face the only business that brought me to her…”This girl’s face and her voice roar like a lion, so I don’t think she is going to do the help, I think of something to get us atleast connected”…….I ordered for an mtn #1500 voucher, she pleaded she doesn’t have a one pack voucher, but #200 and #100 worth of amount, I handed her my phone to load #1500 worth of price for me, she was so happy and she begins to load it…..and I begin to questions her during the process…

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Me: I usually pass this area sometimes ago, but seized to, sometimes back, so I didn’t know much about the welfare of this environment again…….

The girl: really????? So you pass here often

Me: yes now, there was a furniture at one corner of that street before(pointed to an unknown area)

The girl: furniture??????? Which area?????? I don’t think so, because I don’t know any furniture since I was born

Me: you might not know him, because its been so long I knew him, he might have left before your own arrival

The girl: but I was born and grew in this area……..

Me: you sure???????

The girl: yes now

Me: (lobatan, idea no work)”chai, a beautiful girl like this born and grew in this such an area, oga oooooo” there was even a woman selling a fish at that house(pointing at fausa’s house)

The girl: yes, you are right, I knew that one….some elderly ones usually call her “fausa eleja” but we young ones call her “iya sidi eleja”

Me: sidi?????? Was that sidi a fair girl, with an onion booty, not that much tall and with a well 8 shape and a curve boobs and stature?????? (Describing bissme to her)

The girl: noooooooo, though she wasn’t dark, she was fair as you mentioned, but not with all those assets you mentioned earlier…….

Me: @oooooh that means this girl didn’t know bissme atall@ @by this time she was almost done, but looking for change because I have given her 2 #1000 notes, ……..do you know her second daughter apart from sidi??????

The girl: please mr man, let leave them aside, I don’t have change……..

Me: ooooohhh you mean #500 change right??????

The girl: yes

Me: don’t worry dear, I really like you and wish to be friend with you….

The girl: haaaaa thanks so much sir, but please let it be only friend ooooooo because I am already engaged oooooooooo……infact am about to get wedded very soon…….
Me: @swegbe, who go insert my pestle enter this your local mortar?????? You this local girl also dey form, did I come because of that?,@

Me: are you serious???????

The girl: yes oooooo

Me: you must invite me to your wedding ooo

The girl: very sure I will….

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