Fausa eleja season 6 episode 19

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Me: your husband is a very lucky guy on earth…..like seriously I can give you my heart to use as a supplement meat to your food if that’s your wish before you can accept me to be your boo

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The girl: lol you are funny sir, I told you already not to get close to wooing part, I am already engage to someone else

Me: believe me I can spend any amount on you, infact I can sell my property or even my father’s house, because you are so beautiful…..

The girl: lol.. thank you sir..@she handed back my phone to me and she sat very close to me@

Me: like seriously, I like you, because you are beautiful and you are my taste, just have this #3000 to buy recharge card…..

The girl: @she was so excited and she gave me a full attention, infact we plays and I touches many areas on her, to the extend that I cherish her shape and I asked her to stand up and show me every of her assets, she stood up backing me and I grabbed her booty from behind, she was just smiling and saying, “stop it jur”..until I was tired of playing mario game on her body just because of #3000,,,oga oooooooo nowaday girls are so worthless,@ so I continue with what brought me to her.

Me: eeehnnnmmm I heard something happened to iya sidi eleja not quite long, is it true??????

The girl: yes ooooooooooo, we heard that her first run away daughter (a wench)who happen to be a whore came back home after more years she had left for prostitution business and came back home with pregnancy she got from her own biological father

Me: @gan gan unnnn@ @my head rang heavily, and I wasn’t confortable where I sat@ isssss iiiissssss that so???????? (stammering)

The girl: that’s not even all, she was also an HIV career, which she got infected during her whore business, she then grouped herself as an hopeless being and she poisoned herself……we don’t even know if she had already transferred the virus to her father too…..

Me:(lobatan) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is that the solution?????

The girl: what is now the solution????? That is the best thing I think she can do, don’t you know it’s a disgrace thing?,,,,,,,

Me: hummmmmn, that’s true oooooooo, infact that her father must go and find his decease at all cost also ni………..

The girl: we can’t even say his where about…..we don’t know if he had already died…….but the best I think by now is that, he must have died

Me: @stupid girl, come and kill me if I don’t die…..(were) “lunatic”@

Me: but what happen to her baby???? Is anything happen to it???????

The girl: (alfa jona e nbere irungbon) alfa was burnt by fire you are still asking for his bear bear…………how on earth will a 5 month old foetus be delivered after the death of it mother?

Me: me too was joking ni jare……..heyah, I pity the family especially the mother, but how you people came across the information?

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