Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 2

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Before she could finish her reply, a nurse approaches us and told me that the doctor was calling me………….I almost got an heart attack and fausa noticed it

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Fausa: alabi what happened to you????

Me: nothing dear, I am fine

Fausa: but your mood and your look change immediately the nurse delivered you the message

Me: its nothing dear, I just have an heart pains, and that’s the part of what brought me here

Fausa: heyah sorry dear…….are we still going to see before you leave???????

Me: sure, take this card, my numbers are written on it

Fausa: ok, I will give you a call when I am ready to leave the hospital, you can also have mine incase you are done ahead me

Me: oooh that’s right, I collected her number and I saved it on my phone diary…………….I stood up to take my leave for the doctor’s office after fausa left me and went inside…………..I could felt many hands pounding yam on my chest at that particular time, I stood a while at the doctor’s door before I entered…………..I finally entered and I met a patience with the doctor inside the office,

Doctor: oohhhh Mr. Alabi, just give me 5minutes I will be done,

Me: aiit maam………….@she faced the patience and I took a seat at one diagonal seat behind the door

Doctor: madam I will need to see your husband myself, because this thing is getting out of hand, and you personally won’t like yourself when it got to a point……

Madam: but doctor it’s not my fault, that was what my husband wishes for,

Doctor: but you atleast should try to always convince him or even don’t allow him to sex you anymore (making a note)

Madam: haaaaaa you want to kill me with that, if I tried to reject him from having sex with me, I will surely be a dead meat that present time, he will beat the hell out of me…………..

Doctor: are you serious?

Madam: I am serious oooooo, even we usually do it for 4 times sometimes he was fully at home….

Me:@egbami, so na everywhere this such a thing dey happen, as it was happening between I and fausa then, so na everywhere….oga ooooooooooo…..

To be continued 

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