Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 20

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The girl: she made a note down on the table before she poisoned herself…..and the paper was picked by one young area girl that she sent on an errand, it was this girl that read everything before her mother could, it was that girl that then cast it for people like me………

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Me: hummmmmmmnnnnn the greatest radio receiver…. (Touching her laps)

The girl: leave me jur, if my husband catch you….you won’t reach home…

Me: he can do nothing, even if he meet me banging your toto inside this kiosk, he will be instead fanning us……because hummmmnn….

The girl: lol, you are damn a very bad man, don’t corrupt my hearing jur……..

Me: are you a small girl???????you this beautiful and big girl

The girl: yes oooooooo am a small girl ooooooooo

Me: small girl with this heavy boobs (touching and tapping her nipples)

The girl: haaaaaaa I dey warn you ooooo, if my husband catch you, you this baddest man……

Me: ok, I will be seeing you some other time, “stood up from my seat and taking my leave

The girl: when should we be expecting you again????

Me: @is this girl falling in love with me?, does she willing to taste my prick?????, am I mad,? I need a serious relationship now and not a sampling partner…….this girl has already married…@ don’t worry will come back soon to greet you.

The girl: alright take care, bye

__i walked majestically to my car where it was packed and I started thinking, haaaaaa am doomed, why this girl should killed herself along with my baby…….she supposed to give the birth first before she can commit the suicide,,,,,, what am I even saying? I dey craze????? How will I have a baby from my daughter???? That’s very bad, but, haaaaaaaaaaaaaAa what kind of life is this???????sleeping with my own daughter….. Now I left with nothing…is that not so????wait somebody……I don’t think I am even with my sense, the baby isn’t even mine……11weeks old, and it over a year I have sex with bissme…..see what I digged to myself…….and the news has already been spread over to everybody isn’t it???????? I kicked on the car engine and was driving so in wending manner….it get to a point I didn’t know anything again,,,, I landed in an hospital bed while I was telling I had an accident and I was brought to the hospital by some people….the doctor asked about my wife or family and I told him I had none, he was so surprise with my age but later in the day when I was fully ok, I was discharged and I went back home…….one day, I was hungry and I branched to a restaurant to eat for dinner because no one will cook for me………I went inside the restaurant and I order for a plate of chicken rice and a drink, I was at the edge of the room, thinking over again everything,,,,,,,,, thinking about everything I received from fausa, from the girl at the boot and I couldn’t get myself, even food were not even flowing atall, is it true bissme is my daughter??????? I see!! she loves me even more than every other men in her hand then, so it is true that “blood is ticker than water” haaaaaa temi bami……….who is that friend fausa was talking about?????? So mr.john has no child from fausa atall? The two kids was share among I and someone she called a friend to me oga oooooooooo….but how many of my friend fausa knew as at that time??????? She knew only 4 of them and If I should guess right, “seye, sayo, banji and sodiq” which one of them was she now talking about???….I was so carried away that I couldn’t notice how many customer that have entered after me, but immediately I regained back alive, my eyes went straight to a very rich lady heading toward the door of the restaurant, she looks damn alike with amoke,,,,,,,,,same stature, same assets, same completion but damn neat, and same walk style but the only thing that was different was that, this girl I saw was damn tooshed and rich, she dressed like a madam and she came with luxurious car………I quickly stood from my seat and ran after the girl I saw, for examination

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