Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 3

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Doctor: kilode?? Shey o je ounje ni (what happened???? Is it a food??)

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Madam: am tired ooooooo, but there is nothing I can do because I must endure the sufferers for the benefit of my little six children………

Me: @chaiiiiiii mo gbe oooooooooo, how many children did I just heard????????????? When someone like me get no one, see someone keeping 6, and am very sure it was another antenatal she came for…….olorun eledumare ooooooooooooo.@

Doctor: but at the same time you should be begging him to be using condom, or you should be keeping female condom by your side always………….because this thing we are doing is going to have its own side effect when the time comes ooooo. And even we won’t do it again for you in this hospital as the time comes

Madam: am sorry doctor, I will try to make amendment……

Me:@egbami, what are they talking about?????? Is that not abortion?????? Aside 6 good children,,,,,,,,abortion of how many again???????? God, where is your eyes????? What have I done to deserve this????????? Provide me a good child of mine……..and let bissme be fine because I have no one to marry except her……….@

Doctor: alright maam, you can now go and get this drug, hope you are no more feeling the pains

Madam: it has stopped maam, but still feeling it a little at the 70 degree formation of my abdomen……..

Doctor: don’t worry, get this drug and it shall be cleaned and relieved you (she handed her the note of what to buy) greet chief for me ooooooo……

Madam: alright maam

….She left the office and it remains the doctor and i…….

To be continued 

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